Published date: 1998-11-30    Clicks: 4819

By Nan Kangning

The China Folklore Photographic Association was established on December 30th, 1993. On August 26th, 1998, the results of the first China International Folklore Photography

Competition (Humanity Photo Awards) were announced in Beijing. Here in the album are the 128 sets of award winning photos.Since its inception, the association has made a tremendous effort to promote “Folklore

Photography”. The concept has taken firm root in China and is also being accepted by many other

By folklore we mean the traditions, beliefs, customs and stories of a people. Their ways of life,

dress and personal adornment, housing, modes of production, transport, festivals and other ceremonies are all included.
By use of folklore photography, the “world language”, we can record the unique ways of peoples

in different places and times for preservation and study. 
Every nation enriches the world with its unique creativity, and folklore photography promotes

exchanges and understanding between different nations and peoples. 
We believe a theme and a report on each picture are necessary for folklore photography. In order that folkore photography has both social and academic value, a theme and reports are required

in this competition.
Well begun is half done. Many excellent photographs were submitted to the first competition,

held in 1998. This bodes very well for the future of folklore photography.

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