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The Magazine of Global Awareness published by SDN

 Zeke magazine goes on sale March 20. $11.00 for print and digital, $1.99 for digital only.

ZEKE Magazine. The world explored through photographs, ideas, and words, by leading documentary photographers from across the globe, published by the Social Documentary Network. The first issue will be published in April 2015 featuring the best work from SDN from the previous year. ZEKE will combine photography with essays about the issues explored by the photographers.

The first issue of ZEKE will draw from featured work SDN submitted in 2014:

  • Three feature articles exploring:
    WATER/SCARCITY with photographs by Rudi Dundas and Daniel Roca
    BANGLADESH GARMENT INDUSTRY with photographs by K.M. Asad and Suvra Kanti Das
    RIO/BRAZIL with photographs by Tiana Markova-Gold and Dario De Dominicis
    Each article will also have an essay exploring the context of these issues in depth.
  • Winners of our 2014 call for entries on Narrative Documentary .
  • 12 Featured Photographers of the Month.
  • SDN trending photographers
  • Interviews with leading documentary photographers.
  • Other content relevant to the documentary community.

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ZEKE will be published in both a print and electronic format. The magazine will be available to purchase by SDN members and to the general public and distributed free to editors, curators, publishers, and others in the photography community who provide opportunities for photographers.

Glenn Ruga, the Executive Editor and publisher of ZEKE, is the founder and director of Social Documentary Network and the former publisher and art director of Loupe magazine, the journal of the Photographic Resource Center.

Join us for a ZEKE launch party!

Thursday, April 16
6:30 - 8:00 pm
Anastasia Photo
166 Orchard Street, New York, NY

Complimentary Copy Available to Industry Professionals

If you are an editor, curator, publisher, art director, or other professional who provides opportunities for photographers, sign upto receive a free copy. This offer is only valid for US addresses.

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