The List of HPA2013 Performance Awards(Architecture)
ID Country Author Title of Works
442  Italy Emilio Emilio Navarino Work in progress in New Delhi
601 China dongxiping Lazurite Manufacturing - State Level Intangible Cultural Heritage
705 Belgium Patricia Patricia Verburg Korean tiles
841 China hejianlai The Survived Ancient Water Device
1032 China luojianbo The Tibetan Dwellings
1242 Australia Ryan Carter Armenian Churches
1276 China wangxuan The Ancient Ancestral Temple
1462 China liuyuzhu The Traditional Anhui Houses
1576 Slovakia Silvia Silvia Vaculikova Architecture Yemen
1743 Malaysia Alex Goh Chun Seong Old Protestant Cemetery
1862 China yuanyulong The Doors in Yili, Xinjiang
2084 China maoyouping The Abandoned Feeder Canal in 1970's of China
2156 Russian Federation Tatiana Tatiana Leshchenko Russian North
2182 China xufeifan Rigional Religion in Vienam
2213 Italy Fabrizio Vinti The memory is not dead
2397 China yanbailiang The Miao Tribe in Deep Mountain
2415 China zengxinmin Fisher Man's Stone Houses
2761 Lithuania Edgaras Edgaras Vaicikevicius Lithuania - Rainwater image
2774 China wangwentong Folk Houses in Fujian
3008 Indonesia dhani muhammad ramdhani revitalisasi lobo
3246 China luojianbo The Well Named Ancient Fairy
3298 China zhangguixiang Old Colonial Houses in Weihai
3443 China tangruibin The Ancient Defence Castle in Chongqing
3477 Egypt Ghada El-Azab Beit El-Seheimy (Seheimy House)
3558 China lizhongguang Accomplishment - Mounting of the Beam
3597 China tangguozhu Traditional Dwellings in Hubei
3728 China chendiqing Damaged by Parasitic Plants
3998 China liuyajing Commemorative Benches in London
4055 China liuhuiyun Households in the Cave
4369 China qugongxuan The Irrigation Canal in Luhun Reservoir
4486 China chenggong Coral Reef Houses
4885 China fanmingfei Ancient Village Manyun
4957 China maoguohua Yellow Clay Houses in Taihang Mountain
5133 Italy Fabiana Belmonte Basilicata, Italy. Tipical towns of this beautiful region.
5293 India Kushal Gangopadhyay The Queen's step well
5751 China maohua Exotic Buildings in Qilou Old Street, Haikou, Hainan of China
5811 China aohuafang Ancient Architectures in Shenzhen
5837 China liruishan The Chosen Traditional Tile-Roofed Houses
5983 China jiachangjiang Pavillion of Bixi in Wudang, Hubei, China
6152 China jiasongbing Lan Gai Li - The Tajik Traditional Houses
6183 China mayuandong The Islamic Archtecture
6335 China zhuangcanzhi Old Red Brick Houses in Quanzhou, Fujian
6468 China diyulun Old Houses in West of Liaoning
6636 China liudengyan The Confusious Temple in Anshun
6720 Italy giancarla giancarla giancarla lorenzini ELCITO: TOWN OF THE WIND
6816 Malaysia Ee Long Tan Sites of Penjara Pudu Jail
6903 Italy Claudio Marcozzi Traditional cottages in Ireland
7077 India Anindya Majumdar sun temple of konark
7085 Romania petrut calinescu Pride and Concrete - The new Romanian traditional village
7118 China wangshiliang Old Lounge Bridges in North of Fujian, China
7233 China chenweishan Water Mill by the River Tao
7237 Czech Republic Martina Martina Faberova Oblazy - poetry of water mills
7416 Russian Federation Juliya Bernuhova Old Tomsk' streets
7632 China leiqiuping The Salina
7676 China xuxiaohong The Old House
8412 Russian Federation Elena  Mosienko the churches of Russia
8901 China wangxuan Hui Style Folk Houses in Nanping, Anhui, China
9270 Turkey murat yılmaz Kula houses
9357 Bangladesh Farzana Hossen Mohamed Ali Mosque (Citadel of Saladin)
9397 Croatia Stipe Surac 12 crosses
9673 Italy Sandro Mongardini The fortress
9751 Uzbekistan Zilola Saidova Old doors of Bukhara