The List of HPA2013 Nomination Awards
Categories ID Country Author Title of Works
Portrait & Costume 760 Palestine Hisham Hamed Sarsour The Shoe Maker
Portrait & Costume 1451 Turkmenistan Rovshen Akynyyazov Turkmen Traditional Costume
Portrait & Costume 2327 China zhaodengwen The Native Uyghur Tie-Dyed Silk
Portrait & Costume 2804 Italy Salvstore Valente La Carità
Portrait & Costume 3122 France Marina Ivanicenko Basel's Carnival 2012-2013
Portrait & Costume 5301 Czech Republic Magdalena Strakova Ride of the Kings in Kunovice, Czech Republic
Portrait & Costume 7242 Argentina Sebastian Vilarino Northeast India Lost Tribes
Portrait & Costume 7740 Tanzania Sasja van Vechgel Traditional Healers of Tanzania
Portrait & Costume 7993 Qatar Abdulla Al-Mushaifri The Omani Bedouin Costume
Portrait & Costume 8501 Viet Nam  Linh Vinh Quoc Nguyen Gong Festival Costume-Mask
Portrait & Costume 9546 USA Terri Gold Tibetans in Kham
Portrait & Costume 9901 Turkey Ismet Danyeli Portraits From Anatolia
Architecture 2230 Bangladesh Shoeb Faruquee Hagia Sophia
Architecture 2858 Argentina Natalia Okisheva La Recoleta Cemetery
Architecture 2866 China liuxiangcheng Stone Houses in South of Shangdong
Architecture 3988 China jiangrenrun The Yao Granary
Architecture 5134 Bangladesh K. M. Asad Panam-The Vacant City
Architecture 5470 China wangxiaofeng Stone House in Mazu, Fujian
Architecture 7288 Italy Maria Luisa Parmegiani Roman Aqueducts
Architecture 7345 Slovenia Jernej Jernej Trnkoczy Slovenia - the Country of Churches
Architecture 7744 China congsheng Hardly Found - Construction Workers of Sea-plant House
Architecture 7871 Spain Pablo López Ramos Alhambra, Water and Words
Architecture 8730 China luruisheng The Tujia Celebration - Mounting the House Beam
Architecture 8783 Philippines Arnold Conlu Jumpay The Vanishing Stone Houses of Batanes
Architecture 8801 Netherlands Max Linstra Essaouira the Wall City
Architecture 9335 China kanglinyi Tibetan's Frame Houses
Living and Production Custom 978 China xupeng With the Ancient Spinning Wheels
Living and Production Custom 1184 Ireland Laurence Boland Mpingo [African Blackwood] -Tree of Hope
Living and Production Custom 1282 China xiaodianchang The Tribe of Reindeer
Living and Production Custom 1550 Colombia Jonathan Carvajal Medellin Vendors
Living and Production Custom 2205 Italy Alex Masi Dead End: The Nigerian Gold Rush and the Lead Poisoning Crisis
Living and Production Custom 2323 China zhaodengwen Eagle Tamers in Xinjiang
Living and Production Custom 2717 Sweden Gunta  Podina Mascherari-The Craft of Mask-making.
Living and Production Custom 2743 China zhaoxiangchen Shelters in the Cropland
Living and Production Custom 3344 China pengguoxing Lumberers in Hunan
Living and Production Custom 3462 China tusubieke silamukuli Kazak Migration
Living and Production Custom 3465 China zhangxinghai Passengers in Beijing's Metro
Living and Production Custom 3675 China zhangwensi Yak Shearing
Living and Production Custom 3738 China wenglinxian Traditional China Ware Production
Living and Production Custom 3767 China wangziyong Medicated Dips
Living and Production Custom 4195 UK Paul Glendell The Tannery
Living and Production Custom 4257 Maldives Leesha Mohamed Fishing
Living and Production Custom 4361 China lilei Making Bean Paste Buns from Yellow Rice, North East of China
Living and Production Custom 4498 Czech Republic Magdalena Strakova The Man Who Saved Old Norwegian Bighorn Sheep
Living and Production Custom 4659 Turkey Aydin Cetinbostanoglu Ramadan Meal
Living and Production Custom 4704 China chenzhiwei Traditional Bamboo Lanterns
Living and Production Custom 5084 Colombia CK NG Mangroves - Charcoal
Living and Production Custom 5121 China shuixiaojie Patriarchal clan in Shanyan County
Living and Production Custom 5509 China yangweisheng Danjia Boatnik in Sanya, Hainan of China
Living and Production Custom 6080 China linchangfeng Lotus Roots' Dig in Winter
Living and Production Custom 6131 China liangzongyang Porters at China Vienam Border
Living and Production Custom 6190 Latvia Andrejs Saprans Reindeer Skin Tanning in Achayvayam Village
Living and Production Custom 6679 Indonesia Hasan Tribuana The Life of Women Tea Pickers at Pagaralam
Living and Production Custom 6718 Spain Antonio Aragón Renuncio The Sad Song of the Mermaid
Living and Production Custom 7355 Italy Thomas Cristofoletti Los Percebeiros de Laxe
Living and Production Custom 7747 China sunjie House of Hand-made Rice Noodles
Living and Production Custom 8990 Ukraine Ganna Voitenko The Willow Village Iza
Living and Production Custom 9287 Bangladesh Farzana Hossen Living With Dead
Living and Production Custom 9389 Russian Ksenia Diodorova Khynalyk
Living and Production Custom 9798 Portugal Cecìlia de Fàtima Pereira Gonçalves dos Santos Alone and Isolated
Living and Production Custom 9885 Afghanistan Jesus Amador Rabal, Undertaker
Festivities 1580 Mali Amadou Keita Bozos Gnènadjè La Fête Bozo
Festivities 1741 Oman Jerzy Wierzbicki Muscat Festival 2012
Festivities 3412 USA Louis Montrose The Day of the Dead
Festivities 4185 Costa Rica Carlos Céspedes Annual Parade of Cattle Costa Rica
Festivities 4656 Brazil Luiz Alberto de Oliveira Filho Carnavalesque Traditions of the Bolivian Comunity in São Paulo, Brazil
Festivities 4969 Colombia Perez Jaime Otoniel Festival Nacional Del Burro
Festivities 5564 Australia Wayne Quilliam Festival of Pacific Arts
Festivities 7041 Russian Marina Sycheva Festival of Russian Birch
Festivities 7309 China lifang The Great Pitcher Festivalof India
Festivities 7977 Viet Nam  Ngo Dinh Hoa Ceremony of Cham Bani
Festivities 7988 China liuzhiqi The Bai Family Lord Blessing Festival
Festivities 8574 Italy Roberto Rossi Fasting Days in Lalibela
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 2078 China wangqunrong Celebration of Havest with Wheat Grass Dragon
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 4459 China zhangxun Dark Grait China Ware Manufacturing
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 4971 Colombia Perez Jaime Otoniel Horse Racing Peter and Paul
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 5388 Indonesia Iggoy el Fitra (Fitra Yogi) One Way to School
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 5815 Poland Krzysztof Chramiec Sleigh Race
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 6522 Bangladesh Shaikh Mohir Uddin Village Doctor
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 6587 India Pranab Basak Madrasah Morning
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 7503 UK James Morgan Fighting Back in Bolivia
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 7518 Canada Pierre Dunnigan Ivakkak Dog Sled Race
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 7735 India Manish Chauhan Akhadas of North India
Education, Recreation, Sport & Technology 8552 Iran Saeed Faraji Children of Somalia
Traditional Rite 224 Spain Tino Soriano Day of Death in Mexico
Traditional Rite 369 Indonesia Made Nagi Cleansing Ritual
Traditional Rite 1364 UK Jeremy Hunter The Secret Society of the Egungun in Benin
Traditional Rite 2678 Israel Pavel Wolberg Ultra Orthodox Hassidic  Jews in Israel
Traditional Rite 3004 Myanmar Aung Myint Buddhist Nun in Myanmar
Traditional Rite 3271 Israel Mahmoud Illean Pray in Al-Aqsa Mosque
Traditional Rite 3508 China xiaoyanfeng Pashupatinath Temple's Night Fete
Traditional Rite 3574 India Annada Malli8ck GAJAN
Traditional Rite 3707 Latvia Andrejs Saprans Chukchi Funeral Ceremony
Traditional Rite 3949 Georgia Natela Grigalashvili Doukhobors in Georgia
Traditional Rite 5624 China penglinyuan Ceremony of Being a Man - The Yao Boy's Vow
Traditional Rite 7037 China chenjunlin Season of Marriage
Traditional Rite 7711 Syrian Arab Republic Anas Shehadeh The Funeral Ceremony of Patriarch Agnatius IV Hazim (1920–2012)
Traditional Rite 8037 Colombia Jaime Saldarriaga Exorcisms of Brother Hermes
Traditional Rite 8720 China sulisuo The Yi Wedding
Traditional Rite 9891 Peru Paolo Lopez Queshwachaka