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Content: Dear sir!

Mass placement of ads on the Internet for growth of behavioural factors.

Factors influencing consumer behaviour are certain actions of visitors on the internet resource, such as:
logging in to the internet resource, viewing pages, time spent on the website, link clicks, repeated returns to the internet resource.

Widespread placement of your ads online in order to attract potential customers.
Growth of factors influencing consumer behaviour occurs by the widespread placement of your ads without specifying the address of your website, but with the indication of other features identifying only your company according to which you presently become first in the top. These features can include a phone number, a unique name of the company or website, an identifier (a number, a product code, services, promotions), a physical address of the firm and etc.

The large-scale attraction of potential customers to your website, products and services.
Organic growth of factors influencing consumer behaviour.

An increase in webpage visitors who will find your webpage directly from ads using search as well as through additional results of a search itself related to a the widest range of internet queries on your topic.

1. Scale.
2. Quick placement.
3. Price.
4. Topic orientated.
5. Wide reach.
6. Regionality.
7. Organic growth of factors influencing consumer behaviour.


1.Widespread attraction of customers to your services and products through direct traffic from ads.
2.Organic promotion of your web page, due to search beginning to additionally suggest it for the widest range of search engine queries based on your topic.
3. The absence of "bans" and "filters" of search, due to ads being placed without an indication of an link to the internet resource.
4. An increase in web page traffic, which leads to an increase in orders and an expansion of the customer base.
5. "Warm traffic", since only engaged users visit the online resource.
6. Attraction of legal entities and individuals.
7. Analysis of demand for services and goods.
8.Publication of your ads in different countries around the world.


Ads are published:  on billboards, in guest books, in comments, in catalogues, on forums.
Ads are placed on your: landing pages, phones, YouTube videos, websites, social media accounts, and on links to your other ads.

In this ad a ban by search is not possible, since ads are published without specifying an link to the internet resource.

Working method:
You send us the text of the ad, where your identifier or unique name is indicated at the end of the message, according to which an interested customer can easily and quickly find your website in search engine results in order to get further information about your service.
To do this, identifier or a unique name must be published in the appropriate section of your online resource и quickly be found in search results.

Randomisation of ads is done according to the formula, which is accepted by many programs. As a result of randomisation, a lot of unique ads are obtained from a single ad variant.

This is achieved by manually synomising the ad text, while the meaning of the messages does not change and remains understandable.
<a href=https://xn----ftbeand5abdikisgee.xn--p1ai/home/>

Mass Internet ads for organic growth of behavioural factors.</a>
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Content: Hi,

We'd like to introduce to you our explainer video service which we feel can benefit your site

Check out some of our existing videos here:

All of our videos are in a similar animated format as the above examples and we have voice over artists with US/UK/Australian accents.

They can show a solution to a problem or simply promote one of your products or services. They are concise, can be uploaded to video such as Youtube, and can be embedded into your website or featured on landing pages.

Our prices are as follows depending on video length:
1 minute = $189
1-2 minutes = $289
2-3 minutes = $389

*All prices above are in USD and include an engaging, captivating video with full script and voice-over.

If this is something you would like to discuss further, don't hesitate to reply back.

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3. At the time of review, is linked to 5937947. However, many of these links are spammy. We will need to build high quality backlinks on variety of high authority domains.

4. I could find find some facebook footprint for (Facebook comments = 0, Facebook Shares = 0, Facebook reactions = 0). However, I could not find much activity on other social networking sites. Along with robust social media marketing strategy, I propose to run email newsletter campaign along with periodic blog posting on your website.  

When you work with us, we will provide an entire team of four experts (SEO strategist, web developer, content writer, and link building strategist) to ensure that your site will rank for several keywords.

Let me know a good time and phone number to reach you and I will give you a call to discuss our plan of action.

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Content: Thanks for attending one of our past events!

As a member, we will give you exclusive deals and offers from our partners which are not available to the public.

We will be sending you a few special offers every single day for the next year.

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