Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 1998

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Mr. Shen Che (China)

In the past 17 years, Mr. Shen has visited and photographed 51 minority people all over China, he has also photographed folk customs in India, Japan, Korea, Britain, Holland and France.

Ever since 1984, Mr. Shen started to promote folk-custom-photography. In 1993, he founded China Folklore Photographic Association. He has been chairman of the association ever since.

Mr. Shen is the creator and designer of the Humanity Photo Award’98.



Mr. Vincent Mentzel (Netherlands)

Mr. Mentzel is the staffphotographer of the Dutch national evening paper NRC Handelsblad and a member of the Executive Board of World Press Photo.

Mr. Mentzel has been several times judge in the World Press Photo contest and several times judge in the contests of the International Organization of Journalists.

In the past thirty years Mr. Mentzel has won many major awards and held exhibitions almost very year in Europe. Some of his works includes the portrait of Queen Beatrix on the Dutch coins, the design of the stamp of Palace Noordeinde.



Mr. Patrice Fava (France)

Mr. Fava is a documentary film maker and also a China expert. Mr. Fava has done many years of research on Taoism and Chinese traditions. He is the president of Chinese Culture House in Paris. Mr. Fava has written many books on China and Chinese traditions.



Mr. Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh)

Founder principal of Bangladish Photographic Institute.

Mr. Alam has held over thirty solo exhibitions in leading galleries in USA, Europe and Asia.

Mr. Alam has won numerous major international awards including: the Harvey Harris Trophy for the best photography from the Arts Council in Britain in 1983, the first Asian to win the prestigious Mother Jones Award (San Francisco) in 1992, and the Andrea Frank Award (New York) in 1998.

Mr. Alam was a jury member for World Press Photo in 1993 and 1994.



Mr. Bryn Campbell (Britain)

Mr. Campbell has pursued two parallel careers - as a photo-journalist working for the international Press, and also as a picture editor and writer on photography with over a dozen books owning to his name. He was awarded an Honorary Fellowship of the Royal Photographic Society in 1996. He was once a member of Photography Committee, Arts Council of Great Britain.

Mr. Campbell was the British judge for World Press Photo 1985 and the International Center for Photography Annual Awards, New York, in 1989.



Ms. Nicole Aeby (Switzerland)

Ms. Aeby is the founder and managing director of photographers agency ‘Lookat Photos’ in Zurich.

Ms. Aeby’s jury experience includes: 1997 VFG-Young Photography Award, Zurich; 1998 World Press Masterclass, Amsterdam and 1998 Swiss Press Award, Bern.



Mr. Huang Jin Shu GoJo (Japan)

Mr. Huang has been engaged in photography for 50 years. He was once a newspaper correspondent. In 1965, he and Lang Jingshan, a renowned Chinese photographer, organized the EFAPA. He is now the senior adviser not only of this society, but also of the China Folklore Photographic Association and dozens of other organizations.



Mr. Huang Din Sheng(Taiwan, China)

Mr. Huang is a photographer, writer and columnist, who works for many major publications in Taiwan and also hosted TV and radio programs on local folk customs, which is one of Mr. Huang’s major interest as a photographer.

In the past ten years, Mr. Huang has had many solo exhibitions and multi-media publications on folk cultures of Taiwan.



Mr. Xia Fang (China)

Mr. Xia has been a professional photographer since 1960’s. He is also a writer and researcher on photography.

Mr. Xia has published more than 40 papers on photography. He is the vice Chairman of China Folklore Photographic Association, guest professor in Tianjing Institute of Arts and Crafts.



Mrs. Jin Yan(Australia)

Mrs. Jin is the General-secretary of Appraisal Committee of HPA’98.

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