Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2002

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Mr. Shen Che (China/President of International Jury)

In 1984, Mr. Shen Che started promoting folklore photography in China. In 1993, he founded China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) and served as its Executive President. From 1998-2000, he organized the first and second session of Humanity Photo Awards (HPA1998 and HPA2000) and served as the President of its jury. Since 1999 till present, he initiated and founded the World Folklore Photographers Association (WFPA) under the support of United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO).

Mr. Shahidul Alam (Bangladesh)

Mr. Shahidul Alam, biochemistry PhD from London University, has held more than 30 personal photo exhibitions. In 1992, he was awarded with the influential Mother Jones Award, the first Asian to receive this award. He is also the President of DRIK Photo Studio, Bangladesh Photographic Association, DRIK Photography Academy, and Asian WPP (World Press Photo) Master Workshop. He also served as a jury member in WPP1993, 1994 and 1998, Commonwealth Photo Contest 1996 in Hongkong and the first Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) in 1998.

Wang Miao (China)

Born in 1951

1972 to 1974 Photographed at the exhibition group of the Imperial Palace National Cultural relic Bureau

1974 to1979 worked in the photographic group of National Relic Bureau

1979 to1983 photographic journalist of China News Agency

1983 to 1985 learned at the special course of the photography at the People University

1986 to today journalist, editor, chief-editor, and vice-president of China Tour Publishing House in Hong Kong

2001 Chief-editor of China Humane Geography

Various personal exhibition in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the U.S.A.

Individual collections:Arts Flying Apsaras in the Dunhuang Caves, Poems gathered from the Open Country, Track One Page of the History-Marco Polo’ Entry of China, Mysterious Tableland of Tibet, and so on.

Yuan Yiping (China)

Born in 1962

1939 to 1949portrait photography in Shanghai

1949 to 1958 photographic writer in the Xinhua Daily, the Demos Daily

1958 to 1977 Successively been in the position of group leader-editor, vice-director, vice-chief-editor of the Commonage Photography of the China Photography Academy; Vice-director of Exhibition Office of the Xinhua News Agency

1977 to 1990 Vice- secretary-general and vice-chairman of China Photography Association; Chief-editor of the China Photography, Director of Theoretic Research Office of the China Photography; Vice-director of the National Photographic Theoretic Commentary Committee; Vice-chairman of China Portrait Association; Vice-chairman of China Aged-Photographer Association

1990 to today Consultant of China Photography Association and China Portrait Association; Honored vice-chairman of China Aged-Photography Association Commissary of China Folklore Photography Instruct Committee

1985 awarded designation of Preeminence Photographic Activist by the International Photographic Art League

2000 judged on the second contest of the International Folklore Photography Humanity Photo Award 2000

Mr. Robert McFalane (Australia)

Born in 1942

Since 1963 he began freelancing for national magazines including the BULLETIN, VOGUE, WALKABOUT, CAMERA WORLD.

One man show “STAGE & SCREEN” at BYRON MAPP gallery in 1995, also re-shown in 1998 at the NATIONAL FILM & SOUND ARCHIVE in Canberra.

In 1999, exhibited a ‘compact retrospective’ of his photographs “Observations 1963-1999”.

From 1982 to 1987, wrote critically on photography for the AUSTRALIAN and currently for the SYDNEY MORNING HERALD.

Represented in the collections of the Art Gallery of NSW, the National Portrait Gallery, the National Gallery of Australia and National Library.

Lynda Stair (U.S.A)

Born in 1941

Amateur Photographer- in Photographic Society of America (PSA) recognized exhibitions: 5 PSA Stars in nature slides, 4 Stars in color slides, 3 Stars in photo travel slides, winning various medals and awards.

Judged numerous exhibitions in the U.S.A and other countries

Prepare exhibitions of accepted slides and for learning programs locally

Awarded fellowship in PSA (FPSA)

Currently PSA nature division exhibition standards director

Past PSA color slide division chairman

Past president ST. Louis Camera Club

Mr. Richard Sadler (Britain)

Born in 1927.

Fellowship of Royal Photographic Society

Fellowship of Royal Society of Arts

1951  British Institute of Professional Photography awarded Newberry Cup for black and white photographic printing.

1962-1968  Coventry College of Art and Design

1971-1974  Member of the management Committee of the Association of Teachers of Photography

1986  Appointed Principal Lecturer HEAD OF photographic Studies Derby University

1998 to date, Member of the advisory board of the Herefordshire Photographic Festival Company

2000 to date, Moderator BA courses in Photographic Arts and Photojournalism, for the University of Wales.

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