HPA Going International: HPA2002

Published date: 2002-05-15    Clicks: 5235

1. HPA going international

About 1,625 photographers from 55 countries sent their 2,597 sets, a total of 23,004 photos to the HPA2002; most of them are from China, India, France, America, Malaysia, England, the Philippines and Vietnam. Photos were also sent from more than half European and South American countries, Russia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Dominica, Aruba, Mexico, Cuba, South Korea, Thailand and Nepal, etc.

Half of the 36 awards went to foreign photographers, which was a sign of the internationalization of HPA. The growing number of foreign prize owners was both pressure and motivation for Chinese competitors. They would have to pay more attention on how to record Chinese folklore culture with exquisite skills.

2. HPA has raised China’s status in the world of photography

HPA is initiated by China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) and co-organized by UNESCO. It aims to record, advertise and promote cultural diversity by the means of photography, and has gained approval and the high opinion from the world.

HPA provides an opportunity for us to influence the world with Eastern photographic culture. Different from WPP, which centers on Western theme of war and catastrophe, HPA shows an Eastern concern for love and sentiment. Although both Western and Eastern photography seek to remind people, by photos, of the importance of “constructing an environment of communication and understanding, of peace and development”, Western photography still predominates. Under such circumstances, HPA has surely raised the status of Chinese photography and thus contributed to world photography.

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