Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2006

Published date: 2006-05-31    Clicks: 3923

Dr. Azedine Beschaouch, Tunisia,

Chairman of HPA 2006 Jury Panel

Dr. Beschaouch advises Ad Hoc expert on the formulation of official guidelines in the fields of rehabilitation of historic cities, development and use of inventories, heritage interpretation and community participation. He was Chairman of the World Heritage Committee in 1988 and 1992. Dr. Beschaouch has been professor of archeology and classical epigraphy in the University of Tunis and visiting professor in Algeria, Belgium, Egypt, France and Italy.


Mr. Shen Che, China

Special Adviser of HPA Jury Panel

Mr. Shen, founder and Chairman of China Folklore Photographers Association, designer and driving force for HPA, is also an accomplished photographer who visited, photographed and wrote about 51 minority groups in China.


Mr. Ignacio Burgos, Spain

Mr. Burgos is a very active artist, painter and photographer, remarkably accomplished, whose work have frequently been exhibited in important galleries, museums and art festivals across Europe and U.S.A.


Mr. Petri de Pità, Switzerland

Official photographer for State Department of Culture Protection, Le Châble, Switzerland. In the past decade, Mr. Petri de Pità has devoted special attention in humanitarian and culture protection projects.


Ms. Claudia Berg, Germany

Photo editor for Welt am Sonntag, Germany’s biggest Sunday paper. Ms. Berg has over 20 years experience in handling and selecting photos in areas including art, culture, science, sports and travel.


Ms. Rachel Gordon, USA

Director of Orama Consulting, whose clients include Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, Berlin Opera Foundation/Komische Oper Berlin, Art Basel and French Ministry of Culture. Ms. Gordon’s experience covers various facets of cultural management.


Mr. Xia Fang, China

Mr. Xia is Vice Chairman of CFPA. He has been a professional photographer for over forty years, who has also been a researcher in photography in Tian Jin Art Research Institute. He is a well published writer in the study of photography. His study has influenced photographers’ community in China in many ways.


Mr. Wu Zhenrong, China

Mr. Wu is chief editor for Hong Kong magazine Photography Magazine, DC Photo Digital Photography, and website Photonews (http://photo.popart.hk). He is also a regulator responsible for visual art for Hong Kong Art Development Bureau. Mr. Wu has been jury member in various photo contests in Hong Kong. He is too a well published writer in photography.


Ms. Jin Yan, China

Secretary General of HPA Jury Panel

Vice Chairman of CFPA. Secretary General of HPA Jury Panel since 1998.

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