The 5th HPA Final Evaluation Going On

Published date: 2006-06-15    Clicks: 4299

On June 8, 2006, a welcoming banquet is held for HPA Jury members.

Mr. Shen Che (second from the right), President of China Folklore Photographic Association and President of the HPA Jury from 1998 to 2004, Ms. Alice Bosauillon de Jenlis (second from the left), Chief of UNESCO Public Relations and Cultural Events Section coming from Paris, Mr. Azedine Beschaouch (first from the right), Chairman of the HPA2006 Jury and former President of World Heritage Committee, attend the welcoming banquet. (Photo by Ge Zhongliang)

Mr. Ignacio Burgos, Jury member of HPA2006, is receving the Letter of Invitation to be HPA2006 Judge from Chairman of HPA2013 Jury. (Photo by Ge Zhongliang)

On the first day of evalution, Mr. Xia Fang (first from right), jury member from China, and Mr. Wu Zhenrong (first from left), jury member from China at the evaluation work (Photo by Ge Zhongliang)

Ms. Claudia Berg, Jury member from Germany, and Mr. Ignacio Burgos, Jury member from Spain at the evaluation work (Photo by Ge Zhongliang)

Mr. Petri de Pità, Jury member from Switzerland, and Mr. Xia Fang at the evaluation work (Photo by Ge Zhongliang)

Careful evaluation and discussion going on at the second round of evaluation (Photo by Zhu Zhengcai)

Ms. Rachel Gordon, Jury member from USA, and Chairman of the Jury are listening to photo stories translated by the working staff because there is no English photo description. (Photo by Yan Shuiquan)

Mr. Hans d’Orville, Director of UNESCO Bureau of Strategic Planning, comes to Shanghai to pay a visit to Jury members at the evaluation work. (Photo by Yan Shuiquan)

At the lead of Ms. Jin Yan, Secretary-General of the HPA2006 Jury, all the Jury members are going to select the winner of Grand Award from the top six photo sets, one from each of the six categories. (Photo by Zhu Zhengcai)

The winner of the Grand Award is nailed down, but Jury members are still in hot discussions. (Photo by Zhu Zhengcai)

A group photo of Jury members and the special consultant (Photo by Yan Shuiquan)

Jury members are talking about the works after two days of evaluation is over. (Photo by Yan Shuiquan)

A group photo of all the Jury members and working staff (Photo by Zhu Zhengcai)

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