Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2009

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Mr. Shen Che (China/President of the jury)

Mr. Shen Che, founder and President of China Folklore Photographic Association, designer and driving force for Humanity Photo Awards, is also an accomplished photographer who visited, photographed and wrote about not only 51 ethnic groups in China but also the folklore cultures of more than 20 countries such as India, Japan, South Korea, Burma, Great Britain, Netherlands, France, etc. He has held his personal exhibitions and given lectures both at home and abroad for dozens of times.


Mr. Dheeraj Paul (India)

Mr. Dheeraj Paul (1971, Delhi) was born in the family of skilled Indian professional photographers. He has been working for over 17 years as an editorial & advertising photographer. He runs Stock Picture & Assignment Agency. Currently he is teaching Advance Photography to Post Graduates students at the Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. He won UNESCO World Heritage Commended in JAPAN 1999. He had been invited, chosen, one of the top 100 photographers of the world to CLICK ART 2003 Singapore to attend “World’s Photographers Meet”.


Mr. José Manuel Ramírez (Spain)

Mr. José Manuel Ramírez has been working as a professional photographer for 18 years. As a freelance photographer, he has worked for various NGOs and also cooperated with Spanish photographic agencies and newspapers. Since 2007, he is the director correspondent of the office of IPA Press China. Having a degree in Cultural Anthropology, his photography is the product of his social interests both as a photographer and as an anthropologist.


Ms. Leona Isaak (Canada)

Ms. Leona Isaak is the director on the board of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAFPA). She has judged extensively for large-scale photographic events in Canada, America and China. As one of the leading figures on Canadian photographic circle, she also has worked with a number of Chinese Canadian photography clubs as resource person and guide on many field expeditions.


Mr. Robin Moyer (USA)

Mr. Robin Moyer has been a professional photographer for nearly 40 years and was a contract photographer for Time Magazine for 16 years in Asia, Middle East and USA. As a chief photographer for Time, he has received many awards for his work. Over the years he has produced nearly 20 covers for Time.


Mr. Xia Fang (China)

Mr. Xia Fang is the General Counsellor of CFPA Council, comment team leader of HPA Jury Panel since 1998 and member of the Worldwide Chinese Photography Association. He has been a professional photographer for over 40 years, who has also been a researcher in photography in Tian Jin Art Research Institute. He is a well published writer in the study of photography, with more than 40 research papers, accumulated more than 400,000 words. His study has influenced photographers’ community in China in many ways.


Mr. Zou Ming (China)

Mr. Zou Ming was born in 1963 in Liaoning Province of China. In 1982, he graduated from Jilin University of China and then joined the army and began his 12 years’ service life. After that, as one the founders of IFENG Web, he took part in the foundation, transition and commercializing running of IFENG Web and IFENG New Media, At the end of 2005, he took the position of Vice President of IFENG New Media; later, he made new developing plans of IFENG Weblog, took active effort on the planning of value added product of IFENG Weblog, which covers book publishing, magazine, newspaper and videoland.


Ms. Jin Yan (China/Secretary General of HPA Jury Panel)

Secretary General of HPA Jury Panel since 1998.

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