Jury of Primary and Second Evaluation HPA2011

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Mr. Shen Che (China)

Mr. Shen Che, founder and president of China Folklore Photographic Association, designer and driving force for Humanity Photo Awards, is also the president of World Folklore Photographers Association. Meanwhile, he was the executive of UN Pavilion in Expo Aichi and in UNESCO’ 60th Anniversary in 2005, as well as the UNESCO Week Pavilion in Expo Shanghai.


Mr. Xia Fang (China)

Mr. Xia Fang is the comment team leader and juror of HPA Jury Panel since 1998. He has been a professional photographer for over 40 years and is a researcher in photography in Tian Jin Art Research Institute now. He is a well published writer in the study of photography, with more than 40 research papers, accumulated more than 400,000 words. His study has influenced photography field of China in many ways.


Mr. Han Zishan (China)

Mr. Han Zishan is a professor of Tsinghua University Academy of Art, as well as photographic critic. He is a well-known specialist in the theory and teaching of photography in China and has published nearly one thousand articles and about twenty books. He focuses on aesthetic and photographic theory.


Mr. Wan Jianzhong (China)

Mr. Wan Jianzhong is the Doctor of Laws and Folk, as well as the Master of Literature and Art. He is also the director of Folklore and Cultural Anthropology Institute in Beijing Normal University, standing director of China Folklore Society, as well as council member of Chinese Folk Literature and Art Society.


Mr. Li Zhongchao (China)

Mr. Li Zhongchao is a Fellow of China Folklore Photographic Association. Meanwhile, he is the guest photographer of The Ford Foundation (Projects in China) and China Tourism News.

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