HPA is involved in the memory of the World

Published date: 2012-09-15    Clicks: 2472

In 1992, UNESCO launched the Memory of the World (Memory of the World, MoW). This year is the 20th anniversary of this project.

UNESCO international conference entitled "Memory of the World of the digital age - digitization and protection" will be held on September 26 -28, 2012 in Vancouver,Canada. Conference will explore the impact of digital documentary heritage protection issues; develop strategies to improve the protection of digital assets, proposed the implementation of measures that is particularly suitable for digital literature in developing countries. China Folklore Photographic Association as China's only non-governmental organization aimed to record and spread folklore, specially selected 30 sets of winning works from previous HPA photo contest, provided to the conference as a special gift to congratulate and support of the works the did.

Hans d'Orville said “Visual literacy is a particularly compelling component for the promotion of cultural diversity, which deserves to become a recognized dimension of education for all.” Well he also calls on us to “open our collection of photos which covered most precious sites and activities of the world's cultural diversity to countries and peoples of all ages worldwide. They must learn about this unique treasure of humankind and appreciate the value of our world's diversity.” He pointed out that “New technologies and modalities may help you in this task - to spread the knowledge of both cultural heritage and the constructive role played by CFPA in this regard.”

Therefore we will carry on working to protect world cultural heritage through new technologies and modalities,uninterruptedly call on photographers to record folklore extensively and thoroughly, and give full play to the documentary characteristics of photography. Our goal is to establish a very unique, most advanced image gallery of world folklores, as well as a largest international folkloreexchange portal website, which will provide authentic proof and systematic research sample of human cultural heritage and create a cultural platform for dialogue between different nationalities and different civilizations.

The survival of thedocumentary heritageworldwideareincreasinglyattracted the world's attention, theworld's documentary heritagebelongs to all mankind, shouldgetfullcustody, protection. Respect foritsuniquecultural practices andpracticalbasis, shouldbe permanentlyaccessibility. ThemissionoftheMemory of the Worldproject: theprotectionoftheworld's documentary heritagethroughthe most appropriatetechnical meansto promotethe popularityofthedocumentary heritageas well asinthe worldtoraise awarenessontheimportanceofdocumentary heritageandcustodyofthe need forcognition.

The rapid development of information technology, especially inthecontextofnetworktechnology, thetraditionalinformationserviceisbeing ina completely newenvironment, the changing roleofsuch a serviceis worth pondering. Thepotential forcooperation inthe development ofnetworkand digitizedenvironmentlargelychangedthecapture, storageanddisseminationprocessofinformationandknowledge. Admittedly, digitizingand networkingopensupanewroad tofurther international cooperation.

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