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We call upon responsible photographers who respect life and love to take their cameras, in the form of special photo series 


  To explore and rescue the endangered folk cultures of worldwide nationalities by means of photography; 

  To profoundly record the changes and evolution of various folk cultures in a genuine and vivid form; 

  To record, spread and share the multicultural achievements of the world to enhance mutual understanding and exchanges of human beings and to promote the world peace and development;

  To contribute to the World Folklore Photo Museum with world culture records.



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On-line Submission


Photos can only be submitted on-line.


Entrants must register on the website  and submit photos in accordance with relevant requirements.

Every entrant could choose any category listed on the website and is allowed to submit no more than 3 sets. Every set entered should contain 8 to 14 photos.


Personal information as well as the photos could be modified or replaced (registered e-mail excepted) during the photo collection period.





Photo Collection Period: September 16th, 2012—April 15th, 2013 (BeijingTime)


Selection: By mid August, 2013, the photos granted with the Performance Awards, the Nomination Awards and the Documentary Awards will be announced after two rounds of evaluation. On September 14th and 15th, 2013, the final evaluation unveils the Grand Awards of the six categories. The results will be publishedin stages on the above mentioned website.


Award Ceremony: September 16th, 2013. Humanity Photo Grand Awards andJury’s Special Awards will be announced on the Award Ceremony.


Premiere Exhibition: The premiere exhibition of the HPA 2013 –Memories of Mankind Ⅷ, which consists all the wining works with the Nomination Awards and the higher ones, will be held in the same period with the final selection and the award ceremony in the same city.





The following categories could be selected as the theme of the photos:

Portrait & Costume


Portraits of people from different nationalities; costumes and adornments featuring diverse ethnic cultures, including everyday dress, ceremonial dress, hats and shoes, adornments and hairstyle, etc; the manufacture of costumes and adornments; distinctive attire customs such as dressing etiquette and taboos and so on.




Traditional dwellings, public facilities, the construction process of distinctive architecture (e.g. religious buildings) , structure, interior layout and furniture adornments of all kinds; the influence of the surroundings reflected on features of the local architecture; dwelling habits of different ethnic groups.


Living and Production Custom


The traditional ways of production and life, including everyday work, such as fishing, hunting, farming, forestry, animal husbandry, handicrafts industry, etc; business trade and transportation; living habits and ways of dieting as well as food making; comprehensive life customs in series, of a specific region, of a nationality or a tribe.




Annual and seasonal festivals; festivals on production and recreation, religious ceremonies, temple fairs and other traditional folk activities


Education, Recreation, Sports & Technology


Education, traditional ecology, folk science and technology, folk medicine and sanitation, folk crafts, traditional sports and recreational activities, and local dramas, etc.


Traditional Rites


Birth, adult rite, wedding, funeral, taboo, worship, morality, respect for the old people, traditional etiquette, and traditional ceremony for individual, family, village or ethnic group, and religious rites.




Humanity Photo Grand Awards: 6 (one for each category)


Judging Criteria: The final prized photos will be selected according to a comprehensive evaluation of their photographic technique,documentary value and the difficulty in photographing and can best reveal the mission of the HPA contest.


Prizes: a prize of US$2000; an award certificate;a book/CD-photo collection of the HPA 2013; an invitation to attend the award ceremony and the opening ceremony of the premiere exhibition of “Memories of Mankind Ⅷ”; transportation fee and a 3-9 days hotel accommodation; to put prized photos on the premiere exhibition.



Humanity Photo Documentary Awards: 60


Prizes: an award certificate; a book/CD-photo collection of the HPA 2013; an invitation to attend the award ceremony and the opening ceremony of the premiere exhibition of “Memories of Mankind ”; transportation fee and a 3-9 days hotel accommodation; to put prized photos on the premiere exhibition.


In addition, photographs of Humanity Photo Documentary Awards will have the opportunities to win Jury’s Special Awards according to the photographers story-telling, interview and editing techniques.Each winner will receive photographic equipment or product which is equivalent to US$500.



Humanity Photo Nomination Awards: 100


Prizes: an award certificate; a book/CD-photo collection of the HPA 2013; an invitation to attend the award ceremony and the opening ceremony of the premiere exhibition of Memories of Mankind Ⅷ”a 3-9 days hotel accommodation; to put prized photos on the premiere exhibition.



Humanity Photo Performance Awards: 500


Prizes: an electronic award certificate; name of winners and his works listed in the book/CD; An invitation to attend the award ceremony and the opening ceremony of the premiere exhibition of “Memories of Mankind ”;Travel and accommodation expense will be at his/her own. Winners arrange their own visa formalities for participating the Award Ceremony, the organizer will help them accordingly, but will not be responsible for any problems related to visa.




Every participant except the winners for the aforementioned awards will:

   Get the electronic copy of a Commemoration Certificate of the HPA 2013 officially stamped by the two organizers — the CFPA and the UNESCO.

   Get a discount price to purchase the photo album of HPA 2013.  

  Be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony and the Premiere Exhibition. Those who attend the ceremony could get the hard copy of the Commemoration Certificate together with the photo album of HPA 2013. All the travel expenses should be born by the participants.


Participant is responsible for applying for the visa on his/her own, the CFPA could offer help, but will not be responsible for any caused problems.



Entry Rules (Please read carefully.)




 1.  Please register on the website, and all photos should be submitted on-line.

 2.  There are no restrictions on entrants in terms of profession, gender, age, nationality, country and region.

 3.  The photos must be taken by the entrant himself/ herself, otherwise the entrant will be deprived of the right to win the prizes in the contest.

 4.  Photos entered jointly by two or more than two participants will not be accepted.

 5.  Please use only Chinese or English to fill in Entry Form. The entrant’s name in Entry Form should be in accordance with that in his/her valid identity certificate.

 6.  The enrollment of this contest will be regarded as the acceptance of the Guidelines of the HPA 2013. Any legal responsibility relating to photos, such as copyright, right of reputation and portrait, right of privacy, right of trade mark, etc. will be borne by the entrants.

 7.  The contest is open to everyone except the members of the jury and staff of HPA 2013 Organizing Committee.



Candidate Photos 

8.  Photos that have won prizes in previous HPA contests are excluded from the HPA 2013, and other works are free to enter.

9.  There are no restrictions on countries or nationalities which are shown in the photos. (Entries can contain several ethnic groups in one country or one nationality living in different countries.)

       10. There is no time limit as to when the photos were taken. They can be taken on one occasion or over a period of time.     

1     11.  The category of the photos submitted should be specified. The Organizer and judges are not responsible to re-categorize any photo. 

       12.  Stories/Portfolios should consist of a minimum of 8 and a maximum of 14 photos. Each entrant is allowed tosubmitted no more than 3 sets.  

       13.  Photos must be uploaded with .jpg format, size between 1MB and 5MB.

       14.   Only the necessary retouching which does not alter the original appearance of the photo is allowed. All photos are prohibited from synthesis,addition, deletion and greatly color changes. Photos with added borders, backgrounds or other kind of mounting will not beaccepted. To keep the records’ authenticity, composite, splicing and tricky photos will not bejudged. 

       15.  Each photo should contain caption that truly depicts the content of the photos.



Declaration of the Organizer 


16.  No entry fee for this contest. 

17.  To guarantee the fairness of the HPA 2013, personal information should not be shown on any place of the photo nor the caption text,otherwise the photo will not be judged. 

18.  With the guarantee of the right of signature for every author, the Organizer has the right to repeatedly use the photos which are submitted for HPA 2013 in related non-commercial activities, including publications, exhibitions, TV programs, internet, electronic media, etc. and without remuneration to the authors. The Organizer reserves the right to do probable editing of the photos. 

19.  Photos must be submitted before April 15th, 2013 at the website above-mentioned. (The date when the photos are completely submitted is deemed as the arrival date.) 

20.  CFPA reserves the right of final interpretation of the Guidelines of HPA 2013.



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