HPA 2013 Online Photo Submission

Published date: 2012-09-15    Clicks: 2400

The launch of 8th "Humanity photos awards" online photo submission

HPA2013 several key points:

Online Registration and Submission: http://www.hpa.org.cn
Period of seven months of submission : 16 September.2012 -  15 April. 2013
Still only serial photos :8-14 photos / group, each person may cast three serials
welcome to contact us : +8610-62252175; mail@hpa.org.cn; 194766915 492568941 (QQ)


Emphasis on the story of each serial

Although everyone can pick up the camera shoot some folklore themes photos, but we believe that when you constantly raise their cameras gathering folklore, when you're shooting hundreds of pieces of folklores works, you will became more experienced: from the content point of view, show different sides of multiculturalism presents the process of change, in the form of put together different moments, different perspectives, different other pictures to become an whole organic unite , and to express your story.


From the first day of creation, "Humanity photo Awards " only accept photos by serial, the tradition has insisted through 7 sessions, is the unique photo contest in the history of photography around the world. 

It is the characteristics of Folklore photo shooting as well as the high standards of the "Humanity photo Awards” contest. from 4-12 photos / serial at the first HPA, become 8-12photos or 6-12 photos / serial, finally the current requirements of 8-14 photos/ serial. Upgraded standard emphasized more on the narrative further, as well as Folklore Photographers themselves.


Add 500 performances Award


Start by the 7th HPA, we use only online submission of contest photos. The number of entries ( all people registered with valid works) is 40% higher than HPA2009, 50% growth of valid photos!

Appreciate more convenient on communication and sharing of digital technology as a cultural record, this HPA we will put more attention on every culture contestants.500 performance Awards will encourage more photographers. Different from the encouragement awards on the very first HPA, these 500 awards mean a very high value of documentary recording. Which are the very important portions in the world folklore gallery.

Launched in 1998, the "Humanity photo Awards " experienced its first time of calm, thanks for determined the grand awards city before launching of the 8th HPA cooperation with Jinggangshan City make "Humanity photo Awards " feels standing on the top of mountain. With its perfect geographical environment, cultural background, no doubt that it will give any foreign friends full of freshness, full of imagination for everyone.

For more information, please see http://www.hpa.org.cn or http://www.icfpa.cn thanks for your participating.

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