The 8th HPA procedure

Published date: 2012-09-15    Clicks: 2309

HPA Timetable

16th Sep. 2012 - 15th Apr. 2013 Photo submission

15th Apr. 2013 - 30th June 2013 1st round selection

1st July 2013 - 15th July 2013 2nd round selection

16th July 2013 - 15th Sep. 2013 Final selection & Announcement

16th Sep. 2013 Award ceremony

You can arrange your time according to this timetable:


A. First seven months of participation stage: in the fall of 2012 submissions begins. Including   registration and submission online, learning the previous winning entries to determine the theme of the contesting, or arrangement of pictures, choose the shooting, learning submission procedures. And submit your works


B. After April 16, 2013, all of the work goes to us, the initial evaluation and re-evaluation.

C. Three months later it is time for you to get involved again: from July 16, please check regularly on our official website and submission website, not only you will find winning information, as well as awards arrangements. At this stage, if you are winning, the Association will also take the initiative to inform you that award matters.


D. HPA2013 top event: In mid-September 2013, the awards ceremony of HPA2013, publications, winning works exhibition, 666 awarded photographer, not only honors granted, but also sharing more photo shooting experience, there is a common practice of the folk songs.


Major reforms: the initial evaluation judges served by the Working Group of the year race


500 "performance Award" generated from the initial evaluation. Annual contest in the ever-expanding, facing all entries and selecting by few judges has become increasingly unrealistic. Starting from the 6th HPA we have first established the initial evaluation and re-evaluation. From the 7th HPA we have arranged judges for each stage of the judging!


The current HPA will be more clearly define the initial evaluation, re-evaluation and final judgments. With the accumulation of years of tournament experience and enrich of world folklore,


initial evaluation will served by the Working Group of the year contest Top 666 of the initial evaluation winners will goes into the re-evaluation.

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