The Number of Registered Nations for HPA2013 is Close to 130

Published date: 2013-03-25    Clicks: 2293

HPA2013 witnesses surprises every day as more and more photographers around the world participate in this contest to share their amazing pictures with us. Today, HPA2013 welcomes its new friend ---- Malawi to join our family. With Malawi’s participation, the number of registered nation for HPA2013 is 126 which is very close to 130 ---- the number we aim to achieve. As a result, Humanity Photo Awards2013 is far beyond previous HPA in terms of number of registered entrants and registered nations home and abroad. Facing the heavy workload, HPA work team is up to its ears every day and strives for the new goals.

Our competition is open to all entrants regardless of your citizenship, nationality, age, gender, and specialty. As long as your photo is uploaded by set with 8-14 photos recording folkloric phenomena, you can join HPA2013.

I would like to remind you of one more thing here, which is there are only 20 days away from the deadline (15th April, 2013). In order to facilitate your registration and on-line submission, the following tips are listed here for your attention.

1.   Please register and submit your photos via website:

2.   Each set should consist of 8-14 photos. Each entrant is allowed to submitted no more than 3 sets. Photos must be uploaded with .jpg format, size between 1MB-5MB

3.   Photos and caption are not allowed to bear entrants’names and relevant information. The photos should not be with the captions and borders. Your name shall not be found in filename of caption in order to ensure the impartiality of judges.

4.   In the ending period of HPA, the uploading workload will be heavy. To avoid the peak time, you shall upload your photos as early as possible.

5.   To cope with the difficulties in photo uploading, another two ways of photo collection are available now:

Entrant can sent your photos to

Entrant can also mail the CD containing your photos to Room 315, North Building, No.1 Liupukang Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 100120, China

6.   If you meet with any problems about photo submission, please refer to the “HELP”in the homepage

If you have any suggestion or question, please feel free to contact us. We shall be with you at any time!

Tel: +8610 6225 2175;


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March 25, 2013

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