why is there “not log in” popping up when uploading photos

Published date: 2013-04-07    Clicks: 2499

As photo collection deadline (April 15, 2013) drew near, the participants’ urgency to submit their photos can be increasingly felt by us. We summarize some of participants’ common questions regarding registration and submission and provide the answers as follows in order to facilitate the process.

Question: What is the first step to submit photos?

Click “submit photos” and then fill in the information of photo category, shooting time, photo description and etc. Attention: if the description exceeds 200 characters, please click “browse” to upload word/txt document. You shall not upload photos here! Then click “submit” to proceed to the next step (upload photos).

Question: Why is there “not log in” popping up when uploading photos?

The common reason for this case is that participants do not use IE browser. If participants use other browsers, plug-in in these browsers cause the failure to upload the photos. So please use IE browser to upload photos.


All participants shall try your best to go through the whole process of submission with the guide of our staff. If you need our help, please contact us:


Tel: 8610-62252175

Email: mail@hpa.org.cn

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