How to edit photos

Published date: 2013-04-07    Clicks: 2482

As photo collection deadline (April 15, 2013) drew near, the participants’ urgency to submit their photos can be increasingly felt by us. We summarize some of participants’ common questions regarding registration and submission and provide the answers as follows in order to facilitate the process.

Question: How to edit photos uploaded?

If the photo group contains no qualified photo, please click “דand enter into editing page. Participants can click all photos uploaded to enter into editing page as shown in the following:


When clicking “Edit”, participants are allowed to modify description, delete photos and ranking photos. Participant is not allowed to delete the photo group. Only administrator is allowed to do that when informed of by the participant.

All participants shall try your best to go through the whole process of submission with the guide of our staff. If you need our help, please contact us:


Tel: 8610-62252175


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