Number and Size of Photos

Published date: 2013-04-07    Clicks: 2354

As photo collection deadline (April 15, 2013) drew near, the participants’ urgency to submit their photos can be increasingly felt by us. We summarize some of participants’ common questions regarding registration and submission and provide the answers as follows in order to facilitate the process.

Question: What is the number and size of the photo?

HPA2013 only accepts group of photos. Single photo is not accepted for our contest. One qualified group of photos consists of 8-14 photos. The size of each photo shall be 1-5M, which refers to the file size of the photo saved on the computer/camera, not referring to pixel/measurement. If the size of photo does not fit with the limit, please edit it first and upload it then. The description for single photo is not obligatory.

Question: Are photos allowed for post-production?

All photos are accepted for our contest regardless of the nation, nationality, shooting time. All photos must be uploaded in .jpg format without any border or background and etc. Composite, splicing and tricky photos will not be judged. Personal information shall be not shown on your photo or word/txt document describing any group of photos.


All participants shall try your best to go through the whole process of submission with the guide of our staff. If you need our help, please contact us:


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