HPA2013: Reminders of Photo Submission in Final Week

Published date: 2013-04-12    Clicks: 2487

HPA2013 Photo Collection Deadline is extended to April 19, 2013, only one week away from today

The followings are some proper approaches for participants to upload their photos:

1.      Size of the photos uploaded must be 1-5M;

2.      If there is any problem when uploading photos, please change to IE9 browser in order to avoid incompatibility of browser;

3.      If IE browser still does not work when uploading photos, it must be the cause of internet crowding since many participants rush to upload the photos at final period of the contest. So you shall change another time to upload photos or you can send your photos to us and let us upload them for you. But the time lag of uploading photos by us may affect you to edit your photos.

One reminder for all participants is that your photos submission plan shall not be delayed as a result of photo collection deadline extension.

Another reminder for all participants is that registration deadline is not extended. If you want to join this contest, registration must be finished before 24:00 April 15, 2013 (Beijing Local Time)

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