Jury of Humanity Photo Awards 2013

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Mr. Shen Che (China / Chairman of HPA 2013 Jury

Mr. Shen Che, founder and president of China Folklore Photographic Association, designer and driving force for Humanity Photo Awards, is also the president of World Folklore Photographers Association. Meanwhile, he was the executive of UN Pavilion in Expo Aichi and in UNESCO's 60th Anniversary in 2005, as well as the UNESCO Week Pavilion in Expo Shanghai.


Mr. Dheeraj Paul (India

Dheeraj Paul (Born 1974, Delhi, INDIA) hails from a family of skilled Indian professional photographers. He has been working for over two decades as an editorial & advertising photographer. His specializations are People & Travel, Fine-Art, Food and Architecture Photography. Dheeraj's work had been published & awarded in many prestegious international photography competitions and publications. He founded a company known as INDIAN PHOTO TOURS where he leads Photography Master Classes & Photo Expeditions along with his trained team across South East Asia. He also teaches Advanced Photography to post graduate students at the AJK Mass Communication Research Centre at the Jamia Millia Islamia University, Delhi. Mr. Dheeraj Paul has been invited twice to be a final juror for both HPA2009 and HPA2011.


Mr. José Manuel Ramírez (Spain

Mr. José Manuel Ramírez has been working as a professional photographer for twenty five years. As a freelance photographer, he has worked for various NGOs (Greenpeace, Red Cross, Unicef Spain etc.), and also he has cooperated with Spanish photographic agencies such as EFE, Staff, Europa press, and IPA Press, and newspapers like El País or Bild Zeitung. Since 2007 until 2010, he was the director correspondent of the office of IPA Press China. Having a degree in Cultural Anthropology, his photography is the product of his social interests both as a photographer and as an anthropologist. The year 2012 exhibited his photographs about China in Sevilla, Spain.The exhibition was under the name “China face to face”. Mr. José Manuel Ramírez was invited to be a final juror for HPA2009.


Mr. Matthew Kelly (United Kingdom

Mr. Matthew Kelly has been a documentary photographer for over 30 years and also the intermediate photographer of The British Museum. He is in charge of Media Resource (China) of the London Education Committee. He has worked in Reuters, That's Beijing, TIME, etc. and held exhibitions in London and Ireland. Mr. Matthew Kelly was invited to be a final juror for HPA2011.


Mr. Micah Parzen (United States of America

Mr. Micah Parzen is the Executive Director of the San Diego Museum of Man. He got his doctor's degree of anthropology in Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Micah Parzen has been involved in extensive documentation of anthropological fieldwork for many years. He was invited to be a final juror for HPA2011.


Ms. Rozenn Leboucher (France)

Ms. Rozenn Leboucher travels the world using a particular photographic style that is both social and documentary (ethnophotography). Since 1999, she thus attempted to capture the originality of traditional festivities among various communities as well as rituals of the fast disappearing tribes. Rozenn's photographs bear witness to this astonishing cultural heritage. She has been published in various magazines, newspapers and book compilations worldwide through photo agencies in France and in London. Rozenn Leboucher won numerous prizes in photography. Among them: the Grand Awards from the Humanity Photo Awards (HPA) in 2009 and also in 2011; the “Wanderlust Professional Travel Photo of the Year” in 2007 on the subject of Papuan culture.


Mr. Suthep Kritsanavarin (Thailand)

As one of Thailand's top leading documentary photographers, Mr. Suthep has worked in photo agency and publishing house for many years. He works as a photographer or a photo director for NGOs, international organizations (such as IUCN, TERRA), Open Society Institutions and UNHCR International Publications (Geographical magazine, CNN Traveler, New York Time, TIME magazines, etc.). His works were exhibited in Japan, Germany, France, etc. during 2004 and 2008. In 2008 Suthep received the Days Japan International Photojournalism Award and was selected for the Best of Photojournalism award from the US-based National Press Photographers Association. Mr. Suthep Kritsanavarin was the Grand Awards winner of HPA2009 for Living and Production Custom and was invited to be a final juror for HPA2011.

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