Candidates for Jury’s Special Awards

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Matthew Kelly (UK)



The Agriculture in Anatolia

Wonderful quality of images by using the available light well. The variety of viewpoints and framing makes this a great selection of images.




Nostagia of the Old Public Bathhouse

The photographer has worked well to make the subjects comfortable as the images are very natural. Great work in what can be a difficult situation.



Bagan, Our Fortune

Good use of light painting to introduce the collection. Varied lighting and viewpoints of images and inclusion of people to highlight the human connection to the buildings makes this a great collection




Echoes of Chiristain Jerusalem

Echoes of Christian in Jerusalem:- The most deserving Jury Choice. The body of work is dramatically captured between 2005-2012. Emotions of the people were the main highlight of the portfolio along with creative & powerful compositions. Each one of the composition are highly commended. Pictures were shot in all styles of the light including late evening and indoor pictures taken in available lighting condition, which actually are difficult to capture. Picture of the huge cross diagonally composed is very impressive.



Al Dhafra Camel Festival

Emirates Festivals:- The portfolio looks very attractive in Black & White. Pictures are full of variety & taken from different view point, compositions includes close ups as well as general & wonderful wide-angle perspective shots. Clouds are also looking quite impressive through out and also filling space above. The set is full of action packed images, which makes them different from the rest. Low shutter speed is also been used to present action in blur in a creative way. Long shot of camels with reflection is amazing too.



Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers

Romanian Gypsy Brick:- Well knit story can be noticed in this feature with variety of compositions. Children playing around the environment, old woman, people working on furnaces, night shots, close up. Everyone in the family can be seen involved in hard work. Photographer spent some 6 years in building the story with the pictures. Hard work is visible in the pictures. In fact this category ‘Living and production Custom’ received highest documentary awards in HPA 2013 and this portfolio deserves the Jury Choice from my side.

Jose Manuel Ramirez (Spain)




The Art of the Gurunsi Village

The art is reflected, for me, as a human need. Comtamporaneo art concept, and West is called, does not consider art as a human need as an expression of society without the market involved.



Rural Moments

The reflection of society as rural urban difference in relationship between humans and animals is evident in this photo story.



Fishermen at River Huai

Without abandoning the aesthetics, the artist has managed to reflect the traditional fishing activity.

Suthep Kritsanavarin (Thailand)




Daily Life in a Village in Southern Sudan

Well frame and many little pieces put together on a normal story.



Carpathian Shepherds

Personal and mood that make this work stand apart from other stories from this year. This is little nice and happy story.



Lalibela-Journey to Jerusalem of Africa

It is shown that photographer got into deep in the story. He or she spent time and walking with the pilgrims to their destination. The photographer also got trust from them and express to the photograph in form of feeling and atmosphere. 

Micah David Parzen (USA)



Sport in Our Heart

These  gorgeous  photographs  beautifully  depict  the  simplicity  and  joy of  sport  and  its  critical  role  in  both  personal  as  well  as  collective identity.



At the Brickyard

These  beautiful  photographs  tell  a  poignant  and  compelling  story about work and its impact on the human condition.  



Night School

These  intimate  photographs  do  wonders  in  communicating  a  deep sense  of  longing  for  a  better  world  and  the  commitment  required  to get there.

Rozenn Leboucher (France)





Nostagia of the Old Public Bathhouse

I have chosen this reportage because the photographer tried to share  an intimate moment of common people. It reveals the closeness he had with the people and show the acceptation they have given to him. It show also that there isn't any censorship which, in this context, must be a difficulty.

The photographic style is very close and personal and I appreciate the fact that it's not formal and involved peculiar personalities.

It looks there is a caption under each picture to tell the story , so the photographer add his own information.

I like his subject and the fact he has chosen it because it tells a lot about the importance of the public bath in China since hundred years. We can also see the details of playing table game (so traditional in china) and people making exercises ( also very traditional in china). All these pure everyday life in Chinese traditions are in this reportage and are shown with simplicity and sensation.

The fact that the public bath will be pull down gives even more significance to the need of documenting it.

Also, I have felt emotions in this documentations because people are at ease , speak with the photographer. It is a pure sample of daily life in the bath that may be facing extinction.

The photographer has succeed to pass on his own feelings. He manage to make us forget about the privacy of the context and that must have been a big challenge.

I finally like the tribute he gives to this deep tradition.




Erzya Wedding Ceremony

I like the intimate atmosphere in which this reportage has been taken.

It tells lots about the proximity and the relationship between the photographer and the actors of this wedding.

I think the chosen pictures tell the story clearly ( geographic situation, details of dress & dressing up, house, and happiness of a wedding) . We can also feel that the photographer is part of the ceremony. It gives the right cheerfulness of the event with simplicity.

I also appreciate the captions. It tells that the photographer tried to understand the traditions of the Erzya ethnic group in order to relate the story to us.

The selections (editing of the picture) narrate correctly the story.

Also this ethnic group is not very know , and I believe there isn't a lot of people who are still living this deep tradition of wedding.





Romanian Gypsy Brick Makers

I have chosen this reportage for the story telling of the subject.

I appreciate the captions explaining the context.

I like that the photographer was involved with the subject and wanted to show the hard conditions of life of the Romanian. His photographic style is close to reality and the photographer wants to tell a full day of work from morning time to evening time which give a full appreciation to the documentation.

I also like the fact that no much stories has been done on this issue in Romania. And it gives a different over view from the Gypsies condition of life.

The photographic style implicates his subject and reflect the reality. 

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