Memories of the Mankind VIII Ready for Your Collection

Published date: 2014-06-23    Clicks: 4001

The 8th HPA Award Ceremony is held in June, 2014, nine months later than the due time in last September. However, HPA Work Team took advantages of the time and dedicated fully to editing the photo album entitledMemories of the Mankind VIII, which is presented to the Award Ceremony attendees in a final version. During the previous HPA award ceremonies, the photo album was completed in the eve of the award ceremony when the last round of evaluation was over.

Memories of the Mankind VIII is 240mm×335mm in size, the same with Memories of the Mankind VII. We wish to put more winning photos into this album to show the advantage of group photos in telling stories and documenting folklore traditions. This album has more than 200 pages, but we could only squeeze into winning photos of Documentary Awards and Nomination Awards. Winners of Performance Awards are listed in the back to challenge readers’ imagination on the wide ranges and coverage of HPA.

Today, e-reading prevails and probably the photo album for the next HPA will be an electronic photo album. ThenMemories of the Mankind VIII will be the last printed version of HPA photo album.

The Memories of the Mankind I in 1998in hard copy is presented to you as a gift from HPA Award Ceremony. From then to present, it has been 16 years, which is not short in agricultural and industrial era. However, th 16 years from 1998 to 2014 witness immense changes in our modern world, which offer us more for collection and also urge us to record endangered cultures.

The initial printing of Memories of the Mankind VIII is only 1,000 copies and the price is 140RMB for one album with postage free. It is waiting for your collections. 

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