Good News from the HPA2013 Award-winning Photographers

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Recently CFPA receives good news from Claudio Marcozzi, one of HPA2013 award-winning photographers. His report on HPA2013 was finally published in Fotografia Reflex, an influential monthly magazine on photography in Italy. We cannot help sharing this exciting news with all of our friends. Actually, we have collected much good and inspiring information from HPA2013 award-winning photographers after the award ceremony. Now we would like to publish the information and hope many more friends could share the honor and joy.

Based on the Memories of the Mankind , the article written by Claudio Marcozzi introduced HPA’s history, objective and some of the award-winning photographers and their works. The detailed coverage is absolutely a profound and effective promotion for HPA. This is the third time for Claudio to attend the HPA ceremony and make report on HPA in the Fotografia Reflex magazine. His effort has turned out to be fruitful. In recent sessions, more and more photographers from Italy have participated in the HPA contest and the number of Italian award-winning photographers is also on the rise. Thanks Claudio! 


(Italian photographers with Mr. Shen Che, president of CFPA. From left to right: Maria Luisa Parmegiani , Claudio Marcozzi, Shen Che, Oriano Ciarpella, Sandro Mongardini )


(Cover of Fotografia Reflex and Claudio Marcozzi’s Article)


(Claudio Marcozzi’s Article)

 Salvatore Valente is another Italian award-winning photographer of HPA2013. He is especially good at capturing the most vivid expression and emotion of people. His works are well known for conveying the feeling of “capturing the soul”. As an influential professional photographer in Ostuni, Italy, he has won a total of 9 awards in the photographic contests around the world for the past one year, which has pushed his photographic career to a new high.


(Salvatore Valente receiving interview from the Ostuni TV Station after attending the HPA 2013 Award Ceremony)


(Ostuni Newspaper’s coverage of Salvatore and the Humanity Photo Awards)

Hristo Dimitrov is a young and promising award-winning photographer of HPA2013. He comes from Plovdiv, a time-honored large city in Bulgaria. After attending the HPA2013 Award Ceremony in Beijing, he became famous in his city and was reported by many media in Bulgaria. The ceremony provided him with a good opportunity to meet and know so many excellent documentary photographers in the world. Encouraged by the award and inspired from the other photographers, he will be bound to do better on his way towards becoming a successful photographer.


(Plovdiv TV Station’s report on Hristo Dimitrov)

Vladimir Jirnov is a documentary award-winning photographer from Uzbekistan. He held a lecture in the local photographic association when he came back after attending the award ceremony in Beijing. On the lecture he shared his experience in participating in the HPA contest and the joy of winning awards with all his photographer colleagues.


(Vladimir showing theMemories of the Mankind DVD made by CFPA during the lecture)

The special attention should be given to Aydin Cetinbostanoglu, a professional photographer from Turkey. He has taken photos for nearly 50 years. Most of his works are about humanity, culture, life and common people. His award-winning work of HPA2013 is Ramadan Meal,which recorded the whole process of preparation by villagers in Izmir, Turkey for the Ramadan meal. Through his work, we can see that he is very good at telling real and common stories and expressing natural emotions and feelings through simple photographic techniques. In September he brought his works back to the village where he shot pictures and held a small but unique and meaningful exhibition there. A slide show was also made by him to introduce his experience in attending the HPA2013 Award Ceremony. He said that he has won many awards during the past years but HPA is a special one. What moves him most is that HPA promotes cultural record and inheritance and focuses on collection of folk cultures. He shares the objectives and concept of HPA. Therefore, he is very excited about being recognized by this contest though he didn’t receive any prize money. We also want to thank Aydin for doing such an amazing job! He tells us, by his own action, what quality a qualified and great documentary photographer should have and what a photographer could do to make others' life as well as his own work meaningful. 


(Aydin Cetinbostanoglu with the villagers in his award-winning works)


( Aydin Cetinbostanoglu making a slide show to the villagers)

Last, we would like to introduce a talented freelance photographer - Carlos Garcia Granthon. He is based in Lima, Peru and focuses on exploring and showing the local cultures. In order to make the pictures of his and other friends known to more people, he insists on editing and publishing a monthly E-magazine Fotohólica in his spare time. When he came back from Beijing after attending the HPA2013 Award Ceremony, he wrote a long article introducing the contest, the awards, his experience and many other interesting stories and published it on the Fotohólica. This allows many more friends in the faraway Latin America to know about Humanity Photo Awards as well as Beijing. Carlos also offered a page of Fotohólica to the HPA2015 when it was launched in September, hoping to contribute to the promotion of HPA 2015 in Peru with his efforts. Hereby, we would like to show our sincere appreciation to Carlos and all other friends who love HPA and share our concept! Thank you for all your efforts! 


(Coverage of HPA 2013 in Fotohólica)


(Coverage of HPA 2015 Call for Entries in Fotohólica)

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