HPA2015 Waiting For Your Efficient Participation

Published date: 2014-12-18    Clicks: 2468

As the submission period for Humanity Photo Awards 2015 (HPA2015) has only less than four months left, we hereby call on photographers, who are interested in the theme of folk cultures to take part in the contest as soon as possible. Maybe you are still preparing photo stories for the contest or you are used to meeting the deadline, but we would like to remind you that the entry site may not work very well just before the deadline due to the collective visits by several thousand entrants. Therefore, everything should be done ahead of the time.

Based on our experiences in the past years, we have summed up several tips for you to follow:

  1. Registration. Registration is the first step to join HPA 2015. By clicking http://2015.hpa.org.cn, you will see the SUBMISSION GUIDE in the upper middle, which will be helpful for you to know about the process of participation. There is also a PDF file for you to download.
  2. Editing Information. Because HPA2015 is a real and honest contest, we sincerely hope everyone could follow the rules and make sure every piece of information is right and real. Considering the issue of copyright, we suggest every entrant use his/her real name to sign up, but if you have special consideration, you can write to the admin and ask for permission to use the professional name for publication of awards and attending the award ceremony. If you want to edit or change your personal information, please remember to do it before April 15th, 2015.
  3. Submission. This is the most important step. According to the guidelines, each entrant can submit 3 sets of photos for the contest at most; each set should consist of 8-14 photos, size between1M-4M. If you follow those rules, your photos will be tagged Qualified. Then you can rest your heart and just wait for the evaluation. If, unfortunately, you come across many troubles which prohibit you from successful submission, you can turn to the admin for help.  
  4. Be well prepared before submission. We do believe referring to the award- winning photos of previous HPAs at http://www.worldfpa.org/?page_id=2 would help to increase your chance to win. Those works may give you inspiration to select photos and edit your photo stories. But please avoid submitting photos of the same theme as the previous award-wining photos unless you believe yours are much better than the previous ones. As a contest focusing on sharing diverse cultures, we welcome fresh, new and unique themes, and if your photos meet the requirement, you will have much greater chance to win a prize. Edition is of great importance to photo stories, so please make sure your photos are submitted in right sequence and each photo has a caption. In addition, please remember not to stay on one page for too long time, otherwise you will have to refill the information or resubmit photos.

We hope every entrant can treat this contest with seriousness and carefulness. As we encourage an efficient participation, please do not hesitate to share photos with us once you signed up. Every effort would bring you the possibility of success.

Last, we wish every entrant good luck and hope to see you at the award ceremony. Whenever you need help, you can find us at:  

Face Book: China Folklore Photographic Association

Email: link@hpa.org.cn

Skype: cfpa1993

Tel: 86 10 62252175

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