HPA 2015’s 100-Day Countdown

Published date: 2015-01-05    Clicks: 2733

As an old saying goes, Time Flies. Yes, it is definitely true. There are only 100 days from now to the deadline of submission for HPA2015. Then what should we do now?Let me tell you:Hurry up! Sign up at http://2015.hpa.org.cn.

During the past 112 days since the launch of the contest, up to 1,400 professional and amateur photographers from 81 countries have signed up at the devoted website. The entrants are increasing day by day. We are also trying to do our best to help you seize this opportunity and increase the chance to win. For your reference, we are providing the links of several helpful articles of the previous HPAs. We believe you will be greatly enlightened by those words.

1. HPA Getting Better Off: Report of Evaluation Observation on HPA2004 (http://www.hpa.org.cn/index.php?p=news&title=HPA-Getting-Better-Off:-Report-of-Evaluation-Observation-on-HPA2004)

2. It Happens for A Reason: Sidelight on HPA2006 (http://www.hpa.org.cn/index.php?p=news&title=It-Happens-for-A-Reason:-Sidelight-on-HPA2006)

3. Reports on the HPA2009 (http://www.hpa.org.cn/index.php?p=news&title=Reports-on-the-HPA2009)

Most importantly, the gallery of HPA award-winning photos (http://www.worldfpa.org/?page_id=2) is also a must-read.

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