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The Humanity Photo Awards 2015 (HPA 2015) is now calling for international judges. There is no restriction on nationality of the judge. Anyone who meets the following criteria can submit his/her application.


Qualifications: A HPA2015 judge is someone who possesses extensive experience in photo editing, photo judging or experience of working as a curator, and is someone who demonstrates profound understanding of cultural and documentary photography and does not hold extreme views.

Judging Duties:

HPA2015 judges are required to conduct themselves professionally in accordance with the HPA guidelines. They will be responsible for the final round of submissions judging, which is scheduled to be carried out online in the first two weeks of June. Moreover, HPA2015 judges are required to devoting their efforts and sufficient time to completing their judging duties as specified by the HPA organizer. Importantly, all judges are required to sign a Confidentiality Agreement with CFPA and promise not to disclose the judging results to anyone prior to the HPA 2015 Award Ceremony.

Benefits for the Judges:

Judges will be invited to attend the HPA2015 Award Ceremony to be held from September 15-20, 2015 in China and will attend events including a photo forum, workshops and sightseeing tours. The HPA organizer will pay judges for round-trip airfares from their residence cities to the Chinese city where the Award Ceremony will take place and visa fees as well. Additionally, judges will be offered a complimentary trip to a Chinese city for sightseeing and photography-taking tours in a week following the closing of the Award Ceremony. The cost of room, meal and transportation during the trip will be covered by the HPA organizer.

About HPA

HPA is an international photo contest organized by China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) in collaboration with theUnited Nations of Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). It aims to capture, disseminate and celebrate the diversity of cultures through the power of brilliant imagery.

Please email us your bio to before April 10 if you are interested.

You may visit HPA official website at to learn more about HPA and find out about the judges of the previous HPAs.

Looking forward to your early application and enthusiastic participation!

HPA Work Team

March 16, 2015

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