HPA 2015 Entry Collection Coming to A Fruitful End

Published date: 2015-04-17    Clicks: 2694

The HPA 2015 entry collection which lasts for 7 months ends successfully at 4:00 pm on April 17, 2015 Beijing Time. From then on participants will not be able to register or submit photos.

As of the deadline, HPA 2015 has collected over 8,000 sets of photos from nearly 6,000 participants in 133 countries and regions in the world.

The HPA work team will begin to translate and edit all the photo information and get prepared for the first-round judging. We will keep you updated about the results by sending emails. You can also visit http://www.hpa.org.cn/?locale=en_US or http://2015.hpa.org.cn/EN/index.aspx for the follow-up.

The HPA 2015 entry site is scheduled to re-open in middle May when the 500 Performance Award –winning photographers will be announced and the winners will be able to log in to download the award certificate and commemoration certificate.

Please feel free to contact us at link@hpa.org.cn should there be any question or request.  


Good Luck for All!

HPA Work Team

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