Top 66 of HPA 2015 Coming Out

Published date: 2015-06-11    Clicks: 2698

The second-round judging of HPA 2015 finally comes to an end with the66 candidates for the Grand Awardsbeing decided. They will enter the final-round judgingto be reviewed by the International Jury, who will vote online the best photo stories in their heart. The International Jury will also review another 100 photo sets ascandidatesfor the Jury’s Special Awards. As usual, the winners of Grand Awards and Jury’s Special Awards will be announced at the Award Ceremony.

Now, let’s see the lucky 66 Candidates for the HPA 2015 Grand Awards

6 Grand Awards (vacancy allowed) will be selected from the 66 candidates in the final-round judging by the International Jury. The rest works will be awarded Documentary Awards.

All photographers of the 66 candidate works will be awarded transport allowance to attend the award ceremony in China and free accommodation during the ceremony.

100 Candidates for the HPA 2015 Jury’s Special Awards

Different from the previous HPAs, HPA 2015 has made two changes in Jury’s Special Awards:

1) Winners of Jury’s Special Awards will be selected from the 100 nomination award-winning works rather than the 60 documentary award-winning works.

2) Jury’s Special Award-winning photographers will be awarded transport allowance to attend the award ceremonyand free accommodation during the ceremony.

The Final Nomination Award winners will be made clear by deducting the several Jury’s Special Award winners. Nomination Award-winning photographers will enjoy free accommodation during the award ceremony but have to pay for the round-trip tickets to China.

Special Offers to Special Guests

As stated in the guideline, “ as a way of encouragement for photographers in Arabic countries, Africa, Latin America and Caribbean region to record local cultures, Nomination Awards-winning photographers in those regions will have the chance of getting transport allowance. “ The nationality you put in registration will be referred when offering this special prize.


HPA doesn’t promote itself as absolute equal, but wish to fulfill its mission to encourage and provide opportunity for people from every corner around the world to record and share their unique local cultures and to help to enhance mutual understanding and exchanges of human beings.

Congratulations to all the winners! Welcome to follow this website for updates.

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