News Report from Italy: Humanity Photo Awards2015

Published date: 2015-11-03    Clicks: 4368

Mr. Salvatore Valente, the winner of HPA2015, shared his awarded honor being reported in the Italian media with China Folklore Photographic Association. Salvatore won a nomination award in the category of architecture and a performance award in the category of traditional rites this year.

He is good at capturing the most vivid expressions and his works often can give the audience the sense with "soul". His home city, Ostuni called the city of white, is very famous in Italy. Most photos published at Ostuni Official website are from the hands of Salvatore and he is a very influential local photographer.

This year his awarded news was reported at this website once again. The report says: “Salvatore Valente, the protagonist of a new adventure and was awarded HPA2015. The ceremony was held in Shangri-La from Sep. 15-20, 2015. This year he has a record of no less than 13 international awards all over the world with an intense fruit work done in previous years in Africa and Asia”


News Report at Ostuni Official website in Italy: HPA2015 and Mr. Salvatore Valente


A well-known Italian news paper also reported Salvatore’s winning works and HPA2015. The report says: “With a great curiosity and passion by traveling many regions, Salvatore has been recognized around the world for his long success with 30 international awards received during dell'ultimi years in different continents and countries, the last in China, to Shangri-La where Salvatore was awarded the HPA2015 in collaboration with UNESCO and CFPA. Works of Salvatore have called Caravaggio of photography, showing wonderful shots that derive from the dark color and shades of light, but he calls himself a hunter of souls, he says he does not care to portray the physical appearance of the people, he goes further, he tries to grasp the inner part of his subject.”


News Report in Viaggi e miraggi in Italy: HPA2015 and Mr. Salvatore Valente

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