Comments from Juries on Jury's Special Awards

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Reason for vote


Dance with Gods:June Festival in Qinghai

Beautifully compositions documented with every dimention and perspective of the ritual. The series of photographs had great moments, action, atmosphere, humor, details, repetiton, intimacy, texture, it was the best essay


Children of the Sacred Mountain

Facinatingtradition, documented with every perspective and time frame. Beautifully composed photographs. The whole cross section of the ceremony photographed. Moonlight photographs convey the whole ceremony with emotions and  intimacy, my second choice.


Little SteamTrain in Jiayang, Sichuan Province

I liked the classic style of documenting the steam trains and the people who used the service. Black and white was a good choice, all the perspectives of the narrative were covered with classic composition and consistency. My Third choice.


The Falcon-taming Kazak People in Altai Mountains

Well documentedcompelling subject.Photographer working in extreme circumstances my fourth choice.


Signature:Michael Amendolia





Reason for vote


Phinisi Village Tanaberu

A nicely wrapped & edited story with dominant human presence and great photography with control of perspectives, frame and exposure. My Favourite!


Accent City: Myauk U

General views and close ups nicely balanced with good mastery. Some images in the series are winners.


Dancing with God

Good eye and good composition. Photographer approached the topic from various angles


Timkat Celebration

Photographer nicely captured the nature of the event, highlighting the fervor of the crowd, sharing close-ups and general views.


Mentawai Tribe

The photographer succeeded in sharing the tribe’s rituals and lifestyle. He captured intimate moments with style and movement.


Signature:Jack Dabaghian




Reason for vote




Ma’nene Ritual in TorajaTraditional


This work is interesting because the photographer has followed all the burial from the beginning to the end and had access to some private part. So the editing is complete and various.


Some of the images have a diverse and original composition and the photographer has explored differentssidesof the place to give a better idea of the situation.

Explanation is given in the caption . The documentary is completed entirely !





Little SteamTrain in Jiayang, Sichuan Province


This theme of the old train is quite unique. We feel almost back to the old time !! The quality of Black and white work is good. Its was a good choice. 


The selection of pictures is good , it gives a real idea of the geographical place. The photographer has been searching for composed photos and the lighting is mastered.


All the details in each pictures are important . We can feel that the photographer as been thinking in his composition, lighting , depth of feild, and details .


There is an atmosphere in each picture , a feeling given and that makes it a good work. I appreciate that the photographer went back several times to this place during different years in orderto pick and edit a full body of work.





The children of the sacred mountain


This work reveals the tenacity of the photographer to have walk up high in the mountain to accomplish his work .

The selection of the set of pictures is good, even though the quality of some images are sometimes a little weak. The composition is clear and thought.

The description and caption are good .

The photographer has been thinking about his reportage and documentation.

Some emotion could be missing sometimes in this context .





Pilgrimage to the Great River


I have chosen this entry because the subject is strong . The photographer have spent 5 days close to the pilgrims , so we get details of daily life and difficulties that he lived himself with them.


The editing is complete and we get all kind of moment of the day which give a better idea of the pelgrinage ( different weather like and walk difficulties …)

The photographer has adapt himself to the lighting. I have appreciate the emotions of the ladies by the tree for instance, the details of barefeet, and mudsituation.


The photographer managed to be accepted with the group as he took them naked. We can feel that the photographer is part of the group itself like a pilgrim. The composition is simple but clear .





Solitude and silence, the funeral of an hermit monk.


I gave an importance to this entry because it's a rare subject not only for the monks'themebut also and particulary for the funeral of the monks.


The photographer has been making an effort to be accepted by this community and be authorized for the pictures, which this is quite rare for such  a close community.


The selection of photos tells clearly the story , the editing is diverse and show different scenery and situations.


The composition is interesting and clear. We feel that the photographer has been searching to compose his frame.

The lighting is good and the image quality too .



Signature: Rozenn Leboucher




Reason for vote



Well done technically this image tells the whole story in one frame.


The traditional 'Horo' dance

Captures the spirit of the tradition. Excellent composition.


The Grandeur of Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Aesthetic, well composed image. Rare view of the tradition. Well captured.

Signature: Svetlana 



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