Photographer Mr. Jorge Sarmento Shares His Honor and Joy with Characters of His Winning Work

Published date: 2015-12-23    Clicks: 4368

《Goatherds in Portugal》 from the Portuguese photographer Mr. Jorge Sarmento has won the documentary photo award in HPA2015. Just right before this Christmas, he showed CFPA a valuable photo of the goatherd couple Olímpio And Fátima holding a opened photo album "Memories of the Mankind Ⅸ" with their image in it and Jorge’s award plate.

Jorge also shared with us about his warm reunion with the goatherd couple, and told us every Christmas over the past few years, he always went to visit them, bring some clothes and food, so they can have a better Christmas. This year's Christmas would be more special for Jorge, because he brought this huge surprise about his awarded honor for the elderly couple. The couple was extremely happy with the story that Jorge photographed about them and their images are printed in the photo album that Jorge brought it to show them. Because they look more relevant and special in the book rather than the printed images Jorge offered them earlier.

Jorge explained to the couple that their rural life of pasturing goats has become the sampled images of the persistence and respect for traditional life in the Humanity stories forever. Because they are so simple, which makes their way of life is more rare and precious. Fatima was hoping people can learn something from their story, before they didn't expect the young generations can understand and inherit this tradition, not even for their own children, because no one wants to be with the flocks.

This warm reunion for Jorge himself, it's meaningful to share his honor and joy with the actual characters in his winning work, and also a real pleasure to participate in their happiness and value them as human beings. At the moment, Jorge is starting to photograph a winter photo series about the goatherd couple under the extremely cold weather conditions, and he revealed to us he perhaps will send 《Goatherds in Portugal-Winter Series》 for HPA2017.


The Goatherd Couple Olímpio and Fátima

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