Italian Winner's Article about HPA2015 Gets Published in One of the Most Influential Photography

Published date: 2016-01-13    Clicks: 4752

Claudio Marcozzi, an award-winning photographer of HPA2015 in Italy, his article about HPA2015 got published in one of the most Influential Photography Magazines in Italy, January issue of 2016, called "Fotografia Reflex". In the article, Claudio introduced the outstanding photographers, the cultural connotation and the story behind their works by selecting multiple series of great winning photographs in HPA2015.


The winning series of photos are introduced in the article (according to the selection in order):

l  HPA2015 Nomination Award-Tradition Rites

Traditional Horo Dance on Epiphany Day in Kalofer, Bulgaria

Hristo Dimitrov(Bulgaria)



l  HPA2015 Documentary Award- Festivities

San Fermin Festival in Spain

Pedro Pablo Gonzalez Rodriguez-Armestre(Spain)


l  HPA2015 Documentary Award- Living Custom

Rural Schools in Iran

Mohammad GolchinKouhi( Iran)


l  HPA2015 Grand Award- Living Custom

Runway Childhood

Md. Khalid Rayhan Shawon(Bangladesh)


l  HPA2015 Jury's Special Award- Portrait & Costume

Fade to Black

Enrique Lopez Tapia(Spain)


l  HPA2015 Documentary Award- Production & Commerce 

Making Sugar Beet Molasses in Turkey

Leyla Emektar(Turkey)


l  HPA2015 Documentary Award- Festivities

Sheep Passing Creek in Tefenni, Turkey

Bülent Suberk(Turkey)


l  HPA2015 Nomination Award- Portrait & Costume

Portraits of Tribes in Omo Valley

Sergio Carbajo(Spain)


Also, the titles and categories of winning works from the 6 Grand Award winners in HPA2015 are being mentioned in the end of the article.


The detailed coverage is absolutely a profound and effective promotion for HPA. This is the fourth time for Claudio to attend the HPA ceremony and write an article about HPA in the Fotografia Reflex magazine. His effort has turned out to be fruitful. In the recent sessions, more and more photographers from Italy have participated in the HPA contest and the number of Italian award-winning photographers is also on the rise.

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