HPA2015 has been listed in Annunal Report of UNESCO 2015

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Excerpt of HPA 2015 in the Annunal Report of UNESCO 2015, the photo by photographer Ma Kebin.


The official website of UNESCO has just been released an Annual Report of 2015, the Humanity Photo Awards2015, organized by CFPA and held in Shangri-La, Yunnan Province, has been listed in the chapter of UNESCO's 70th anniversary. From page 141 to 151 in the Annual Report, which list the various countries of the world on choosing UNESCO's 70th anniversary as the theme for this year's event. The regions of countries include Europe, Latin America and the Caribbean, Asia and the Pacific, Africa, and the Arab region and so forth.

HPA2015 is described on page 156 of the Annual Report:“Ever since 1998 the China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA, an NGO official partner of UNESCO) has been organizing a call to photographers all over the world to document folklore. This year saw an exhibition of winners of the ninth Humanity Photo Awards (HPA), its biennial international photo contest, in Shangri-La City. The organizers chose UNESCO’s 70th anniversary as the theme for this event, which attracted about 250 national and international photographers.” 

It is worth mentioning that the Annual Report of the editors also specifically selected a photo of local Tibetan dancing performers on stage at the Moonlight Square of Shangri-La to express this grand award ceremony, photographed by a Chinese photographer Ma Kebin, who is also the participant of HPA2015.  

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