Submit Entries via New Version of HPA's Website:

Published date: 2016-09-12    Clicks: 6487

After HPA 2015, our work team has improved the official English website of HPA, in terms of layout design & functionality. From now on, participants of HPA 2017 can immediately see their familiar submission page by entering the new version of and clicking “Submission” from the menu on the right side of the webpage.

The new version of will be introduced briefly below:

First of all, let’s talk about the layout of homepage, Humanity Photo Awards News & Winners’ Story, underneath promotional photo slides, can help you get into the latest HPA relevant news and thoughts of winning photographers of HPA 2015. In addition, contact information is always shown at bottom of the homepage that will make your reading easier. You can quickly tell what’s happening about HPA 2017 at the moment by just glancing the highlight news at the left bottom of the homepage.

Secondly, let’s take a look at the menu above the promotional photo slides of the homepage:

1.    Mouse on “News”, you will see a long drop-down list underneath it, listed the news from HPA 1998-2017. Clicking on any session of HPA, you can be led the page of news and check what’s happened at the relevant session.

2.    “Categories & Awards” and “Entry Rules” on the menu are actually divided into 2 parts from the guidelines of HPA 2017, just for you to read easily.

3.    You can read the complete Guidelines of HPA 2017 by clicking “Guidelines” on the menu. Mouse on “Guidelines” and click a choice from a drop-down list, you can download the guidelines with different file formats, based on your needs.

4.  You can get more HPA relevant information by clicking “Gallery”, “Winners’ Stories”, “Milestones & Reviews”, “About” and “Contact” on the menu.

5.    Mouse on “Submission”, you will see “Submission Guide” from a drop-down list on the menu. Clicking on “Submission”, you can be led to the submission page directly and sign up for entries. Please note: No matter how many times you have participated the HPA contests in the past, re-signing up is still be needed for HPA 2017.

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