Last 4 weeks to submit your entries before April 15, 2017

Published date: 2017-03-17    Clicks: 6234

Counting from March 18, there will be only 4 weeks left before the photo submissions of HPA 2017 end (midnight April 15, Beijing Time). The information below is shown how HPA 2017 will be proceeding after April 15 until Mid-May:

April 16-Mid-May, Participants have no chance to log in for uploading & editing their entry;

The first round of entries' evaluation starts.

From Mid-May, The first round of entries' evaluation completes;

Participants can re-log into their account to download the electronic copy of award certificates (Performance)  and participation certificates of HPA 2017.

Before you have no chance to log into your account, we may suggest you better hurry up to arrange & submit your photo sets and check the number of them that have been submitted. The more you leave to submit and edit your entry in the last second,the more possible network congestion you will encounter.

If you have any inquiries, please contact us at,or call us at 8610-62252175.

The participants who have or are going to submit their entry need to be careful about the entry rules of HPA 2017, No.17:

"To guarantee the fairness of HPA 2017, personal information of the entrants should not be shown in the description of photo set, on the photo or in the caption. Otherwise, the entry will not be judged."


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