666 photo sets have been selected to the second-round judging

Published date: 2017-05-19    Clicks: 9920

The first-round judging for the photo entries of HPA 2017 was completed after careful and serious selection based on the contents, shooting techniques and aesthetics. 666 sets of photos are entitled to be in the second-round judging.

This year 666 photo sets out of 7,848 qualified ones have been admitted to the second-round judging to compete from the 100 Nomination Awards and Jury's Special Awards, 60 Documentary Awards and 6 Grand Awards in the near future. The rest 500 sets of photos will be awarded the Performance Awards. Congratulations!

The result of the first-round judging (Top 666) is listed with your photo set ID number & title and can be viewed through the link.

Note: To find your photo set ID number easily, you can log into your account page on the HPA's website and put the mouse pointer on the cover of your photo set, and the ID number will pop up.

From now on, the participants who are not on the winning list of 666 can download their participation certificates by logging into their account page on the website. Thank you for your participation and great support to Humanity Photo Awards 2017.

The second-round judging is scheduled to start in late May and will complete in early June. We will announce the winning list of Performance Awards and Nomination Awards on our official website, news section in time. The Jury's Special Awards, Documentary Awards and Grand Awards can be only announced during the awards ceremony in September.

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