HPA2013 Winners Lists

Published date: 2014-06-23    Clicks: 4830

The complete HPA2013 winner lists are published below. Last September, the announcement of postponing the HPA2013 Award Ceremony was released. Afterwards we relied heavily on the use of internet to invite international jurors and finished the final evaluation in last November. The lists had been in store for more than half a year and now they are presented to you in full.

Grand Awards

  • Antonio Aragón Renuncio (Spain)                Somba
  • Mario Cardenas (Philippines)                       Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque
  • James Morgan (UK)                                      Last of the Sea Nomads
  • Vlad Sokhin (Portugal)                                 The Nyau Dancers
  • Luo Pinxi (China)                                          Taijiquan of Wudang Mountains
  • Zheng Guoqiang (China)                              The Tujia Dancing Women

Jury’s Special Awards (List)

Documentary Awards (List)

Nomination Awards (List)

Performance Awards

Portrait & Costume                                               click to see the photo list

Architecture                                                          click to see the photo list

Living and Production Costom                              click to see the photo list

Festivities                                                             click to see the photo list

Education, Recreation, Sports & Technology         click to see the photo list

Traditional Rites                                                    click to see the photo list


At moment, we should say good-bye to the 8th HPA. Its successful completion should contribute to all the jury members, HPA staff, and most of all, your support. We look forward to your participation in next HPA!

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