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As HPA2013 has entered the final period for photo collection, our website is also undergoing unprecedented pressure.  HPA work team received tons of questions from participants home and abroad every day through phone calls and emails.


The Number of Registered Nations for HPA2013 is Close to 130

HPA2013 witnesses surprises every day as more and more photographers around the world participate in this contest to share their amazing pictures with us. Today, HPA2013 welcomes its new friend ---- Malawi to join our family. With Malawi’s


Only One Month before HPA2013 Deadline

As spring has arrived, HPA2013 photo collection deadline is drawing near. Since HPA2013 started to collect photos about six months ago, we are glad to find that the number of registered nations, uploaded photos


Best regards to women photographers from HPA committee

HPA2013 now has about 3,000 registered contestants, with more than 600 women contestants taking up 20 percent of the total number. On the occasion of the International Women’s Day which will fall on two days later, HPA2013 Organization


Added E-mail and CD Delivery

There are only 50 days away from the deadline of HPA2013 photo collection. As the time is getting less and less, our participants are urgently trying to submit their entries within the limited time. However, due to multifarious reasons, the


HPA 2013’s 100-day Countdown

The 8th HPA has run 113 days ever since September 16, 2012. Living through primeval ups and downs, the web portal works smoothly and the number of HPA entrants is ceaselessly crowding into this contest. The population entering the


Photocompete.com Has Published HPA Comprtition In Its Website

Almost every amateur photographer, not to mention professional photographers, has a few shots he or she is very proud of and is keen to share their shooting results and get public and/or professionals’ recognition. We believe that


The “Help” for submitting will be published later

Like HPA2011, We are going to set a direct instruction for you submitting photos conveniently. At present, we are sparing no effort to explore the way to wield the website and we are also going to push forward a entrants’ strategy later.


UNESCO Monthly News solicits contributions from HPA2013

UNESCO determine to integrate all his partner’ relationships, establish effective mechanism and  promote global cultural strategy. Inform relative information to all his partners monthly via E-mail is a new measure.A few days ago


HPA is involved in the memory of the World

In 1992, UNESCO launched the Memory of the World (Memory of the World, MoW). This year is the 20th anniversary of this project.UNESCO international conference entitled "Memory of the World of the digital age - digitization and protection"


Website of HPA2013 is officially launched

Online photo submission website of The 8th "Humanity photos awards" is officially launched On September 16, 2012. For more information, please visit: www.hpa.org.cn and the registration system and the submission system are both open.



MissionWe call upon responsible photographers who respect life and love to take their cameras, in the form of special photo series:    To explore and rescue the endangered folk cultures of worldwide nationalities by means of


HPA 2013 Online Photo Submission

HPA2013 several key points:Online Registration and Submission: http://www.hpa.org.cnPeriod of seven months of submission : 16 September.2012 -  15 April. 2013Still only serial photos :8-14 photos / group, each person may cast


The 8th HPA procedure

HPA Timetable16th Sep. 2012 - 15th Apr. 2013 Photo submission15th Apr. 2013 - 30th June 2013 1st round selection1st July 2013 - 15th July 2013 2nd round selection16th July 2013 - 15th Sep. 2013 Final selection & Announcement16th Sep. 20

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