Results of HPA 2017’s Second-round Judging II have come out

The results of second-round judging II of HPA 2017 have come out with the 66 photo sets to compete for the Grand Awards being decided. The short list of top 66 will enter the final-round judging to be reviewed by the International Jury, who


Results of HPA 2017's Second-round Judging I have come out

After weeks of hard workin reviewing the winning list of top 666 sets of photos in the second-roundjudging I of HPA 2017, 500 sets of photos that will be awarded the PerformanceAwards are now decided.


666 photo sets have been selected to the second-round judging

The first-round judging for the photo entries of HPA 2017 was completed after careful and serious selection based on the contents, shooting techniques and aesthetics. 666 sets of photos are entitled to be in the second-round judging.


HPA 2017 photo submission brings to a successful close

The HPA 2017 photo submission has ended successfully at 12:00 noon, Monday April 17, Beijing Time (Extended Deadline). During the 7 months of photo calls, there are 6387 participants from 133 countries and regions who have registered in our photo contest,


HPA 2017 has postponed its entry deadline to 12:00 noon, April 17 (Beijing Time)

Dear friends, we make the decision to postpone the deadline for HPA 2017's registration and submission to Monday 12:00 noon, April 17 (Beijing Time) in consideration of the time difference, the large amount of works to be submitted and the possible networ


Last 4 weeks to submit your entries before April 15, 2017

Counting from March 18, there will be only 4 weeks left before the photo submissions of HPA 2017 end (midnight April 15, Beijing Time). The information below is shown how HPA 2017 will be proceeding after April 15 until Mid-May:


Call For Judges of HPA 2017

The Humanity Photo Awards 2017 (HPA 2017) is now calling for international judges. There is no restriction on nationality of the judge. Anyone who meets the following criteria can submit his/her application.


50 days left to submit your entries before April 15, 2017

As the deadline of photo submissions (April, 15) is drawing closer, we may suggest you better hurry up to sort out the photo stories you have on hand and check the number of entries you have submitted so far. Please take into consideration of possible net


If you need us to Sign Up and Submit Photos for you

If you need us to sign up and submit photos for you for any reason, first please download the form at HPA 2017 registration and submission Form and fill in all the information.


HPA 2017 Represents: An invitation to take part in the Felix Schoeller Photo Award 2017

The third international Felix Schoeller Photo Award kicked off on January 1st, with professional photographers and emerging photographers having the opportunity to submit their work at www.felix-schoeller-photoaward.com until May 31st, 2017


Let more people know about HPA 2017

Spread the word for HPA 2017Since the photo submission started this September 16, there is still almost 4 months to go for you to prepare your project, register and upload your photos on the competition website. Apart from your participatio


More and more international participants have joined HPA 2017 since this September

Even since the photo submission started this September 16, there have been photographers from 85 different countries who have already registered in HPA 2017. At this point, the international participants have been initially formed. We can’


Why the Humanity Photo Awards gets held?

Guidelines of HPA 2017-MissionEven though it has been the 10th session of Humanity Photo Awards, you will find out the mission of HPA has never changed if you are always with us all these years: Explore and rescue the endangered folk cultur


Organizers of Humanity Photo Awards

Guidelines of HPA 2017-Organizers Since 1998, the China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) has launched a call to photographers all over the world to document folklore phenomenon extensively and in depth. To this end, CFPA founded the


Who will be the winners of the Humanity Photo Awards eventually?

Guidelines of HPA 2017-Categories & AwardsHow our participants will get to the final list of HPA after 3 rounds of evaluation selected by judges from different cultural backgrounds? Apart from elements of photography, there are two uniq


Call for Entries of HPA 2017 (Sept. 16, 2016 - Apr. 15, 2017)

Full Title of HPAEnglish title: The Humanity Photo AwardsSince 1998, the China Folklore Photographic Association (CFPA) has launched a call to photographers all over the world to document folklore phenomenon extensively and in depth. To thi


Main Schedule of HPA 2017

The diagram below is shown how HPA 2017 will be proceeding in stages:  Stage 1: Call for Entries: Sep 16, 2016-April 15, 2017 (7 months)Stage 2: Evaluation: April 15-June 15, 2017 (2 months)3 rounds of evaluation-first, second and fina


Submit Entries via New Version of HPA's Website: www.hpa.org.cn

After HPA 2015, our work team has improved the official English website of HPA, in terms of layout design & functionality. From now on, participants of HPA 2017 can immediately see their familiar submission page by entering the new vers


Online Submission Guide of HPA 2017: Easy to Use

Not like the Submission Guide of HPA 2015 with dozens of pages long, the work team has improved a handy Submission Guide for HPA 2017. The following tips are shown how to use a new PPT version of Submission Guide online: 1.   


Let Us Make a Record of Bring More Culture Phenomenon in HPA 2017

Throughout the years, cultural phenomenon of 178 countries and regions were caught in HPA’s camera, as the green highlights on the map are shown above.It seems the green highlights have covered most countries & regions on the map, but

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